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5 Things You Never Thought to Do With Tomatoes

Many of us find our heart-racing, drool-inducing, I-can't-wait-to-get-in-the-kitchen inspiration at the farmers market. But we rarely turn to our pantries for inspiration, and instead save the pantry-rummaging for nights that dinner feels like a burden. Either way — with a can of tomatoes or a couple pounds from the market — the kitchen can be a place of exploration: an easy path to a burden-free dinner, bursting with juicy, tomato goodness. We’re ramping up your typical recipes with five unusually delicious newcomers to the tomato game.

Recipe: Arranque Roteño (Thick Tomato Dip)

It really doesn't get much easier than this dip: four ingredients and seasoning and done. We went with a fairly thick texture—almost hummus-like—and it seemed to work fine. The flavor was great and went really well with pita chips.

Recipe: Not-Too-Sweet Tomato Strawberry Bruschetta

Summer's flavorful bounty boldly shows off in this recipe that pairs sweet, juicy strawberries with flavorful vine-ripened tomatoes. Look for heirloom tomatoes for this dish or raid a friend's garden if you don't have one of your own.

Recipe: Tomato Soup Cake

You'll only open your fridge once (to retrieve two eggs); this recipe pays more attention to your spice drawer, and tastes like something you might come across over the holidays. But we suggest you serve it year-round.

Recipe: Brown Butter Tomatoes

How can you resist something called “Brown Butter Tomatoes”? The tomatoes and butter together are mysteriously, deliciously reminiscent of lobster with melted butter. The richness. The sweet, tender flesh. The exquisite burst of summer.

Recipe: Tomato Rice

This tomato rice is loaded with aromatics and layers of heat, but it’s so easily made for a simple side or lunch. You can vary the spice with the type of chiles you choose (Thai are much spicier than serrano), and whether you remove the seeds and heat-packed white ribs—bear in mind that the spice will continue to build as you eat.

What fun things are you making with summer’s abundant tomatoes? Share you ideas and tips in the comments section below.