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9 Refreshing Summer Drinks You Need To Try Right Now

Updated June 15, 2017

The summer heat is now upon us, but you can stay cool with refreshing, family-friendly drinks right now. We’re all about using unexpected ingredients, making juice in the blender, and finding shortcuts to delicious summer sippers.

Starring Unexpected Ingredients

Make the most of your summertime fruit! Next time you cut a cantaloupe in half, scoop out those seeds to make melon seed agua fresca. This melon-hued and scented drink is perfectly refreshing, slightly creamy, and so much fun to make, sip and share.

Also in the category of “next time…”, next time you’re slicing into some juicy berries, stone fruits or melon, save the trimmings to make a flavorful infused water. Add strawberry tops, watermelon rind, peach pits and peel or cucumber peel to a pitcher of water along with some fresh herbs, let steep for a few hours and then strain and serve.

If you haven’t yet experienced horchata, the creamy drink made from soaking rice and almonds and then blending and straining, here’s a recipe you’ll want to get to know. Our version adds aromatic cinnamon and orange. Serve over ice and drink on its own, or add it to iced coffee for a twist on a creamy coffee drink.

Go Juicy

Don’t let peak-tomato season pass you by! Seize the moment and make a savory tomato juice in your blender. Blend tomatoes with horseradish, celery seed, black pepper, hot sauce and lemon juice for a zesty, thick and satisfying sipper. You’ll need a strainer and plan on chilling time. 

Did you know you can make cherry juice in your blender? Just blend cherries with fresh ginger and lime juice, then strain to catch the cherry peel and chill.

Also consider putting cucumbers in your blender to make cucumber coolers. Blend cucumbers with cherries, pomegranate juice and mint, then top with sparkling water.

Take a Cool Shortcut

Take advantage of the many delicious prepared lemonade and green tea options, and add fresh fruits or herbs to boost the flavor and create a seasonal flavor profile.

Start with bottled green tea, and add honeydew melon, fresh ginger, wildflower honey and fresh mint for a summery green tea sipper.

Make a berry-forward lemonade soda by blending bottled lemonade with strawberries and then topping off with sparkling water for a fizzy, tangy refresher. For a similar idea but with a different technique, muddle blueberries and fresh herbs, then top off with bottled lemonade or limeade and sparkling water.

Stay cool and happy sipping!