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Alter Eco Organic Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bar

By Winnie Hsia, October 5, 2012  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Winnie Hsia

At Whole Foods Market®, we love sharing good food and drink. Whether it’s peak-of-the-season fruit, a team member creation from our bakery, or a new grocery discovery, we love celebrating great flavors and products. But we don’t just want to tell you about it; we want you to enjoy it too, which is why we’re giving it away! Read on to find out how you could win some free stuff. UPDATE: Thank you to everyone that entered! Congratulations to our randomly chosen winner, Sara M. from Virginia!

Halloween is just three weeks away and with supermarket store shelves stocked with sugary delights, this fact is hard to ignore. It’s also hard to ignore the ingredient lists of candy classics, chock full of high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives and more. 

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Quinoa BarI love that Whole Foods Market offers other options for trick-or-treaters and Halloween revelers, or straight-up chocolate lovers, like the delicious Alter Eco Organic Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bar.  This six-ingredient wonder (Cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, quinoa-rice crisps (quinoa, rice and sugar), vanilla beans) offers an update to a childhood favorite.  It’s got a satisfying crispy crunch and is Fair Trade certified and organic to boot. 

From the Royal Quinoa harvested in the Bolivian Andes to the Amazon-grown and Swiss-made dark chocolate to the unrefined Mascobado cane sugar from the Philippines, every ingredient in this simply delicious chocolate bar is chosen with care and concern for the environment and the communities producing these products.  Alter Eco is committed to the small farmers and their families who grow their products, and as such have developed an extensive auditing process for all of their growers to ensure fair wages, good working conditions and hours, and opportunities for economic growth and development. (You can read more about the Alter Eco story in this blog post from last May.)

So, at this point, I know you absolutely can’t wait to get your hands on this amazing chocolate bar and guess what, you’re just in luck!  If quinoa in a chocolate bar sounds a little “nutty”, tell us what other crazy thing you’d add to a chocolate bar. Share your ideas in the comments below by Friday, October 19th.  We’ll pick a winner at random to receive a case of Alter Eco Organic Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bars (that’s a total of 48 bars!).

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Promotion ends October 19, 2012, 11:59 PM CDT. Must be a legal resident of the US or Canada (except in Quebec, where it is void) age 18 or older to participate. Taxes on prize, if applicable, are the responsibility of the winner. Employees of Whole Foods Market, Inc., are not eligible. Void where prohibited.

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Cara Goedecke says ...
I think anything added to chocolate is amazing, but just for kicks how about a chocolate with hazelnut chocolate bar.
10/05/2012 7:33:19 AM CDT
Kristin says ...
10/05/2012 8:31:23 AM CDT
April says ...
I can't say that I've been too inventive with these creations... but I've definitely made chocolate covered Twizzlers before - they're pretty delicious!
10/05/2012 9:13:57 AM CDT
Caitlin Kelly says ...
I'd add peanut butter, hazelnut and banana!
10/05/2012 9:27:46 AM CDT
susan holaday says ...
How about Acai?
10/05/2012 9:33:17 AM CDT
Laura says ...
I absolutely LOVE LOVE this idea!!! As a mother who is very mindful of giving my children healthy meals and snacks...and a woman who LOVES chocolate;) , this quinoa chocolate bar has my approval. What a wonderful feeling being able to hand them this treat and smile knowing that their little bodies are being fed such simple but sweet ingredients. This bar has the power to enhance a parent child relationship in one single bite;) no joke!!
10/05/2012 10:00:41 AM CDT
katherine says ...
I think orange is an under-used flavor in chocolate confections- that's what I'd add to my bar.
10/05/2012 10:04:30 AM CDT
Nicole Federica says ...
Well, I think everything is made better with chocolate but I'm a big fan of texture and contrast! Coconut and Himalayan Pink Salt would be a great bar!
10/05/2012 10:12:37 AM CDT
Lindsay says ...
I think adding pretzels to a chocolate bar would be amazing. There is nothing better than the sweet and salty combination!
10/05/2012 10:37:17 AM CDT
bigchiefster says ...
Pecans and cranberries for fall. Yum!
10/05/2012 10:43:56 AM CDT
Kelly D. says ...
I would add roasted seaweed to chocolate. I think the saltyness of the seaweed would contrast well with the sweetness of the chocolate.
10/05/2012 11:01:06 AM CDT
Andrew Rustad says ...
Ginger & wasabi. Not sure if I'd actually like it, but I'd definitely give it a try.
10/05/2012 11:32:39 AM CDT
MICHELE says ...
I LOVE adding all sorts of peppers to my chocolate! Cayenne or black or... the list is long!
10/05/2012 11:43:09 AM CDT
Kayla says ...
Mmm, a quinoa choclate bar sounds GREAT just the way it is :D I would probably add goji berries.
10/05/2012 11:54:08 AM CDT
Irene says ...
10/05/2012 11:58:56 AM CDT
Amber Stevens says ...
I think quinoa in a chocolate bar sounds great! Cranberries, hickory roasted almonds, pistachios, cherries... Just about anything is good with chocolate!
10/05/2012 12:16:35 PM CDT
Fat Tomato says ...
toffee and biscuits
10/05/2012 12:37:02 PM CDT
Alina says ...
A light touch of vanilla flavor would go really well with chocolate. Add some raisins and you're good to go.
10/05/2012 12:46:46 PM CDT
Gary J says ...
It is not such much what I would add as subtract - which is sugar. Add a substitute like Maltitol.
10/05/2012 1:28:36 PM CDT
Rachel says ...
I would add friend cranberries and almonds...and a little sea salt!
10/05/2012 1:58:53 PM CDT
Ally says ...
I would kind of like to put (vegetarian) bacon bits in my chocolate bar. I think the salty taste would go really well with the smooth chocolate!
10/05/2012 2:48:38 PM CDT
Melissa says ...
I love peanut butter and chocolate together!!!
10/05/2012 5:20:47 PM CDT
Wehaf says ...
I think a poppy seed paste filling would be amazing with a milk chocolate bar!
10/05/2012 5:44:20 PM CDT
Tuna says ...
Do you really have to ask, really, choc covered bacon, next is fish and I think thats just a bit to far. If you knew me...I could eat a pound of chocolate a day, now that I am an old 56, I have cut back to a bar a day. I read the below and the seaweed is the only one I have not eaten, different for a salt additive. Orange and ginger are some of my favorites, but sweet potatoes ??? popped berries, popped grains.
10/05/2012 7:16:08 PM CDT
Billie Jean says ...
I think that some goji berries, cashews and maybe some golden berries, and dried mulberries would be great!
10/05/2012 7:18:37 PM CDT