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Apple Days Are Here Again

There is something so satisfying about crunching into a sweet apple with just a twist of tartness, and they have a regular spot in our fridge at home and in our lunchboxes (the toddler’s and the grownups’). Apples are available year-round, but they’re at their best during the fall. Don’t miss this year’s crop – they’re especially delicious!

While Galas and Fujis are my go-to apples, each year I see a new variety that I’ve never tried before and have to taste. No matter which variety you choose, look for firm, fragrant, bruise-free fruit. 

Some apples taste wonderful out of hand and others have softer textures ideal for baking. Here are some tips for selecting just what you want, plus recipes to try..

Excellent for Eating

Braeburn – crisp, firm, sweet, tart and spicy

Cameo – sweet-tart, firm

Fuji – extra crisp, sweet-tart

Gala – mildly sweet, fragrant, thin skinned

Gingergold – mildly sweet, similar to Golden Delicious

Honeycrisp – crisp, sweet, great fragrance

Pink Lady brand – firm, crisp, sweet-tart

Best for Baking

Pippin – crisp, tart, sweet finish

Jonagold – Jonathan/Golden Delicious hybrid, tart, crisp, juicy

Rome – grainy, soft, juicy, sweet

Winesap – firm, slightly tart, sweet-sour contrast

Apples are used extensively in baking because they blend so well with the flavors of vanilla, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, mace, cardamom and clove.

More Delicious Ways to Cook with Apples

Much more than snacks and pie filling, apples complement pork, squash and bitter greens and offset a range of cheeses, particularly cow’s milk cheeses, pungent washed rind cheeses and many blue cheeses. And they offer a delicious flavor contrast when paired with savories like rosemary, sage and lemon.

Take a look at these appealing recipes and browse over one hundred more in our recipe collection


Apples ripen quickly at room temperature, but they'll be fine for a day or two on the counter. Otherwise, store them in a bag in your refrigerator's crisper. As apples ripen, they give off ethylene gas, which shortens the storage life of some other vegetables, so keep them in their own compartment. For the same reason, you can use apples to ripen avocados and bananas more quickly by placing them in a paper bag together. To extend peak apple enjoyment for any variety (except Golden Delicious and McIntosh), slice and freeze in a single layer on a sheet tray, then transfer to a freezer bag and use in baking or sauces.

Nutrition Information

Apples are fiber champs and deliver quercetin, a potent flavonoid. Like many other fruits, they're low in calories and free of fat, sodium and cholesterol — a pretty perfect snack in a naturally portable package.

What’s your favorite type of apple and how do you eat it?