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Arctic Char from Iceland: A Kid-Friendly Catch for School-Night Suppers



Looking for kid-friendly and affordable fish options for fall suppers? The solution is as crystal clear as Icelandic spring water: Responsibly Farmed Arctic char from the land of fire and ice.

At Samherji, Whole Foods Market’s Icelandic supplier partner, geothermally active hot springs provide warm water to nurture newly hatched Arctic char. As the fish mature, they are moved to a mix of sea water and spring water that has been filtered for ages through Icelandic lava formations. Farm workers continually monitor the water temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen—creating optimum conditions for the fish to thrive.

As with all of the farm-raised seafood we sell, you can rest assured that our Arctic char from Iceland is raised without antibiotics, added growth hormones or feed containing synthetic pigments or land animals products. But that’s just part of what makes Arctic char so appealing. It’s also a healthy choice. According to the University of Wisconsin’s Sea Grant Institute, Arctic char has “roughly the same amount of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) as sockeye salmon.” Omega-3s help support healthy heart and brain function for the whole family.

Ok, we hear you saying, I get that it’s wholesome—but will my kids actually eat it? Well, think of it this way: Arctic char has the same firm texture as salmon, but it’s more mild. This makes Arctic char more appealing to kids, and you can substitute it in your favorite salmon or trout recipes with ease.

There’s nothing fishy about this farmed fish’s impact on the marine environment, either. Whole Foods Market’s industry-leading Responsibly Farmed seafood standards require our suppliers to monitor water quality to prevent pollution. At Samherji, the fish are raised in land-based tanks in a stable, controlled environment. Double barriers ensure minimal risks to wild stocks.

Are you charged up to try Arctic char? It’s easy to grill or broil, or you can shape it into delectable patties with our recipe for Easy Fish Cakes with Capers.