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Better Nutrition for Kids Everywhere

Special alert! On Friday, September 6th you have the chance to support salad with salad. Simply eat at your local Whole Foods Market® salad bar, and 5% of your salad bar purchase will be donated to Whole Kids Foundation’s® Salad Bar Grant Program. You can feel even better than usual about piling your plate high with greens, beans and other veggies because you're doing it for the kids. Bonus: take a friend and double your support!

Two Years and Lots of Milestones

Whole Kids Foundation proudly celebrated our second anniversary on July 31, 2013.  

Through our commitment to support schools, we have provided:

What we’re most inspired by is the tremendous desire among kids to make healthy choices.  They just need adults (that’s us) to make them available!

In fact, Nielsen reported in April 2013 that fruit and vegetable consumption among kids is up nearly 6%!  That means kids are getting more nutrient-rich, high fiber foods in their diets.  Better nutrition fuels brainpower for school, energy for the sports field and keeps kids healthy throughout the year.

For the Kids in Your Life

A couple of fun ways to engage your kids (or nieces, nephews or the neighbor’s kids) or just act like a kid yourself are:

In early 2013 we challenged America to eat a salad every day.  Now we’re providing inspiring recipes from great chefs and celebrities. Check out the new Salad Bar Nation hip-hop song from our friend Mr. Eco

Kids of all ages (ask Dan’s grandma!) love our FREE iTunes game Awesome Eats.  It introduces kids to new varieties of veggie & fruits.  We’ve even added new levels that teach recycling.  

And visit wholekidsfoundation.org for hands-on crafts, coloring sheets and nutrition activities.

Our Deepest Appreciations

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the enthusiasm of Whole Foods Market customers and team members. 

Each September, when kids are going back to school and meeting new teachers, we ask you for support in the form of a donation.  It might be $1 at the register, a benefit book sale or a back-to-school tasting event. Now you can even text SALAD to 20222 to give $10 through your phone bill.  

Last year, more than two million people made contributions that resulted in $2.3 million. Because Whole Foods Market provides our operating budget, each of those dollars go directly to improving children’s nutrition.

Know that we deeply appreciate your vote of confidence – both in us and especially in the kids whose lives you’re helping to shape. The leaders of tomorrow need good fuel to get them there, and together we’re leading the way!