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Cheese Nights are Heating Up! Come Melt With Us.

Adding heat to cheese — one of the most celebratory and delicious ways to enjoy the dairy world’s crown jewel. Skillets, grills (yes, grills!), soups and, of course, grilled cheese sandwiches can all provide tasty new cheese experiences. This season’s Cheese Nights, Tuesday, September 16 from 6:00 pm — 7:30 pm, will feature a unique selection of cheeses and the delectable things that happen when the heat is turned up a notch. Or two.

Introducing a few Cheese Nights cheeses and fun ways to cook them.

Emmi Roth Le Gruyère Reserve

from Switzerland

Hand-selected for Whole Foods Market, this firm cheese displays a rich, earthy nuttiness. No surprise that it’s perfect for a fun Swiss dish called raclette. Literally meaning “to scrape,” the custom is to expose a quarter-wheel to heat — often an open flame. The melted layer is then be scraped onto the plate. Here’s an easier raclette! Heat slices in a non-stick skillet until melty, slide onto the plate and serve with traditional roasted fingerling potatoes and gherkins.

Mt. Vikos Halloumi

from Cyprus

A classic sheep and goat’s milk cheese from the Greek island of Cyprus. Tangy, salty hints of the Mediterranean are softened by sweetness from the incredibly fresh milk. Very happy to be seared in a skillet, or toasted on the grill since it doesn’t melt. Get the coals to medium and watch as a truly delicious crust develops.

Fond O’ Foods Berliner Der Käse

from Germany

A very smooth, creamy cow’s milk cheese from Germany. Attractive caramel notes seem to get more pronounced when heat is added. Creaminess and texture make this perfect for your next cheese soup recipe — beer-cheese soup, popular in Wisconsin, just might be the place to start!

There’s nothing quite like melting, grilling or searing cheese! On your next Whole Foods Market visit, please stop by and chat with one of our cheesemongers. They are experts who love talking cheese and will happily give you a taste of any of our cheeses!

And don’t forget to come learn, taste and sample at our next Cheese Nights. This one focuses on Grilling Cheeses. Tuesday, September 16th, 6:00 pm—7:30 pm. It’s free! Contact your local store for event details.

What’s your favorite way to add heat to cheese? Tell us about it in the comments below.