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Discover New Favorites: Cold-Brewed Coffee


Cold and caffeinated is how I like to start my days when the mercury rises. Cold-brewed coffee is light and refreshing, making it an appealing alternative to hot coffee in places such as Austin, Texas where even mornings don’t offer much of a relief from the summer heat.

New to cold-brewed coffee, and wondering about the difference between cold brew and iced coffee? Primarily, it comes down to temperature — cold brew is brewed cold or at room temperature (and never heated), while iced coffee is traditionally hot coffee that’s cooled down. The cold brew process has a handful of bonuses including:

  • Lower acidity
  • No watered-down coffee
  • Higher bean-to-water ratio gives it a more concentrated flavor

Cold-Brewed Coffee Recipe

A More Convenient Way to Enjoy Cold-Brewed Coffee

While I highly recommend you try homemade cold-brewed coffee at least once, you’ll need 12 hours (or longer for an even stronger coffee concentrate). I for one, never remember to make coffee the night before I want it, so I needed a much more convenient option.

Enter Califia Farm’s ready-to-drink cold-brewed coffees. They have many flavors and large and small bottles, but here are a couple of their latest and greatest additions.

Califia Farms Full Shot Cold Brew Coffee

Pump up your morning with cold-brewed coffee that's blended with creamy almondmilk and coconut oil with MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides. Each serving contains 6 g protein and 80 mg caffeine and contains no dairy or soy ingredients.

Califia Farms Black & White Cold Brew Coffee

Enjoy a full-flavored, balanced blend of cold-brewed Colombian Arabica and Vietnamese Robusta coffee blended with coconut milk and unsweetened almondmilk. This option is also made without any dairy or soy ingredients and there’s no sugar added.

Their single servings (10.5 fl.oz) mean you can get your cold-brewed coffee fix in a jiffy. Grab one and go! They’re just the thing for vegan, non-soy coffee drinkers — and for those of us who simply enjoy the taste of almondmilk. Both options are new and only available at Whole Foods Market stores.

How to Avoid Watered Down Cold-Brewed Coffee

One of the benefits of cold-brewed coffee over iced coffee is that you can avoid watering down your drink. However if you’re a fan of drinking your cold brew cold with ice, that well, dilutes that benefit. Solution: Make ice cubes from cold-brewed coffee!

Have you tried these Califia Farms cold-brewed coffees yet? Tell me about it.