Discussion: Obligation

Editor’s Note: Post updated on June 6, 2016.

From Co-CEO John Mackey: 

My involvement with Marc Gafni and former Board of Directors relationship with the Center for Integral Wisdom is conducted strictly in my personal life and does not represent an endorsement or support for either Mr. Gafni or the Center for Integral Wisdom by Whole Foods Market. With that said, I have decided to remove the video interviews I participated in with Mr Gafni, and am doing so to be consistent with the position that this is indeed strictly a personal relationship. 

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Bob says …

Whole Foods has an obligation to its customers that love the concept and the service at their local stores. We are frequent patrons at the Brassiere in the Mountain Brook store and we expect that this concept will remain in place. We do not purchase food from the hot bar and we will not come to the store for a sandwich station. We will come to the store to eat at the Brassiere. We also purchase grocery items after our meal. This is a great concept, and the Brassiere is the best restaurant in Birmingham!

Marsha Hoilman says …

Hello, I might be posting this at the wrong location. If I am, I apologize and hope it somehow reaches the correct person. I've only today been exploring the WHOLE FOODS site and noticed something that brought tears to my eyes--tears of joy! As a wheelchair user I am unable to do my own grocery shopping. (I can't push a cart and wheel myself at the same time! Plus, many items on shelves are too high to reach.) I noticed that WHOLE FOODS has a computerized system where I could order my own groceries and they will be delivered to me! OMG!!! What a blessing that would be! Grocery shopping and filling my gas tank are the last two problems I have not been able to solve in order to feel truly independent. I checked and even though we do have a WHOLE FOODS store, Savannah is not one of the Georgia cities in which you deliver. I hope, I pray, that it soon will be and then I can do my own shopping! What a fabulous service that would provide. PLEASE!

Marie Lehman says …

I am grateful to the Augusta, GA Whole Foods staff for finding and returning my iPhone which I left on a lunch table last week. I called to see if it had been found, talked to Tyrell, who had the phone and said he would keep it safe until I could pick it up. A huge thank you! Marie