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Enjoying Coffee in Honduras

By Jennifer Cheng, April 28, 2013  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Jennifer Cheng

Jennifer was invited by Allegro Coffee Company to tag along on an origin trip to Honduras. Here’s her recap of the week she spent there.

It was the end of the trip, and we were saying our goodbyes. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” I heard myself say. After all, a week-long trip to Honduras to meet coffee farmers isn’t something that’s offered to me very often. As I watched Allegro coffee buyer Christy Thorns swerve calmly and efficiently through the Tegucigalpa airport I realized that, for her, this Honduran adventure was a fairly regular occurrence.

Over the span of a week, I watched a coffee cupping competition, observed Honduran farmers attend a series of talks to help them combat leaf rust, a plant disease that could potentially decimate their crops, visited coffee farms and mills, attended an awards ceremony and happily received a dust bath in the back of a pickup truck. That’s the short of it.

The long-tail effect of this trip, however, is that when I grind and brew my coffee beans each morning, I’ll remember those shade-grown coffee farms. I’ll remember how a juicy coffee cherry was plucked off of a branch and pulled apart to show me the viscous outer covering of the bean that later turns into a parchment (“Nature’s plastic wrap,” we joked.) that protects the bean. I’ll remember the flurry of hands as they sorted beans running by on a conveyor belt. And I’ll never forget the faces of the hardworking farmers that choose to grow organic coffee, despite the extra steps they have to take to do it.

And even though it was a short, fleeting moment, I’ll fondly recall the quiet 10 minutes that we spent sipping coffee served us by a farmer’s wife after touring their farm. It was sweetened with a heavy hand, as many beverages offered to me in Honduras were, but it was hot and freshly made. There is something very “all is right in the world” about enjoying coffee on an actual coffee farm. On the farm in Honduras or not, it’s a feeling I’ll revisit whenever I can.

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Rose says ...
that is an amazing story. I love Allegro coffee and when I drink it now I am going to be thinking of this, too!
04/29/2013 11:29:55 AM CDT
Linda Howell says ...
Great story would love to go there. The best would be Jamaica for blue mountain coffee, my favorite coffee.
05/01/2013 5:48:58 PM CDT
kayla says ...
I drink Allegra coffee and am glad to know this background.
05/01/2013 8:39:28 PM CDT
Kristina Weiner says ...
I love your coffees but elect to drink decaffeinated. You do not offer enough options for decaf and it would seem that many people are limiting caffeine intake whether by choice, medical necessity or sleep issues.
05/02/2013 6:07:49 AM CDT
kathleen ridenour says ...
Well written. What an awesome experience. Thank you for bringing it to life for me in written word!
05/02/2013 7:43:33 AM CDT
Iris Gruber says ...
Thank you for sharing this story. I will continue to enjoy drinking Allegro coffee as it is one of the best! Plus, helping a small farmer stay in business is a priceless feeling.
05/02/2013 5:05:13 PM CDT
Keith Teeter says ...
Shade Grown Coffee also gives crucial habitat to Migratory Birds.
05/02/2013 6:36:08 PM CDT
Ellen Walsh, editor says ...
I would like to post this story on www.fbworld.com. Of course, w all the appropriate credits. Is that ok with you? Do not post, Ellen Walsh Www.fbworld.com Ewalsh@fbworld.com Or. Walshellenaegis2@gmail.com 707-495-3178
05/02/2013 7:13:48 PM CDT
Helena Griffith says ...
Visiting a coffee farm does connect you with that morning grind, brew, enjoy experience in such a way that you don't take it for granted. I visited an organic farm in San Ramon, Nicaragua and you can too. Here is a link to the opportunities: http://san-ramon.org/
05/08/2013 2:42:07 PM CDT
cndy joseph says ...
I am interested in a rich full body coffee, but organic too.
05/09/2013 8:53:53 AM CDT
Jill says ...
I am so PROUD to be from Honduras, and for you to actually get the opportunity to experience what we can offer is an awesome feeling, not everyone talks about Honduras and for whole foods to sell a product from Honduras but from my town San Marcos is an awesome feeling. Thank you!
07/03/2013 9:06:31 PM CDT
Kenneth says ...
I am also from San Marcos de Colon, Honduras. Reading this made me remember the feelings I used to have every day. Can't wait to take a break from LSU and visit my family and taste some of the best coffee.
08/12/2013 3:11:52 PM CDT
robert says ...
I love wholefoods. God bless the organic farmers. peace on earth and good will toward men!
01/13/2016 8:51:39 PM CST