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Experience the Magic of EARTH in Costa Rica

Costa RicaHello Earthlings! Want to win a trip to Costa Rica? Visit the majestic Arenal volcano and hike through the tropics? You’re in luck! We’re giving away two trips for two to spend a week at EARTH University — a nonprofit university in Costa Rica that also grows bananas for many of our stores.

Visit wholefoodsmarket.com/triptoearth before April 30 and follow the quick instructions to enter for a chance to win. UPDATE: Thank you to everyone that entered. Congrats to our winners: Samantha S. from Charlottesville, VA and Cherose-Anne U. from NYC.

On this trip, you’ll do much more than explore the banana fields and enjoy the vibrant flavors, sights and sounds of Costa Rica. You’ll get to meet EARTH University students who are studying to become agricultural leaders in their home communities and have an opportunity to help build a bio-digester that will provide fuel for a family in the community.  

You’ll also see, first-hand, how buying EARTH bananas can help improve lives. That’s because every time you buy an EARTH University banana at Whole Foods Market®, you’re helping to fund student scholarships and supporting the university’s research in organic and sustainable agricultural.

Even better, EARTH University bananas are also backed by our Whole Trade® Guarantee. That means every purchase helps to ensure fair prices to producers, better wages and working conditions for farm workers, environmentally-friendly growing practices and a donation to Whole Planet Foundation to fund poverty relief. That’s one powerful banana!

This is an experience of a lifetime, but don’t take it from me! Last year we took three special guests along with us to EARTH University and they have their own stories to share after returning from the trip. Check out their blogs for a deeper sense of what a trip to EARTH has to offer. 

From Max Goldberg of Living Maxwell:

"EARTH University in Costa Rica – An Amazing Example of What Education Should Be"

“Without a question, EARTH University is one of the most inspirational stories that I have ever covered and it is taking a real leadership role in trying to change the world.”

Earth University Bananas"How Sustainable Bananas are Produced at EARTH University in Costa Rica"

“Whole Foods recognized the importance of what EARTH University was doing and the values that it stood for, and decided to distribute the school’s bananas throughout the U.S. Not only has this partnership been critical for the long-viability of EARTH University’s banana program, but the strong demand for the school’s bananas has proven that sustainability is good business.”

From Alyce Lomax of The Motley Fool:

"Buying into the “Impossible” Dream"

“The experience reminded me that if you want to change the future, you've got to buy into the dream — and get to work. Nothing is impossible… Speaking of dreams, EARTH University provides agricultural and sustainability education to students from more than 25 countries.”

"Could this Radical College Change the World Economy?"

“EARTH University students don't land there by chance. They arrive with a path in mind: to learn the skills to build better lives and work in responsible ways that respect the planet, and then to take those skills back to their home countries… The students also branch out into surrounding communities to make life better for local citizens.”

If you’d like to experience the magic of EARTH for yourself, visit wholefoodsmarket.com/triptoearth before April 30 and follow the quick instructions to enter for a chance to win.



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Jessica Clark says …

I have always wanted to travel to Costa Rica. I am also a very big Whole Foods fan, I try and eat fresh and organic as much as possible and believe it is important. This sounds like an amazing experience that I wouldn't turn down for the world!

Anna Chittom says …

I would love to take part.

donna ginsburg says …

would like to know more about this.

Lucie says …

Fresh, local, sustainable and responsible... What else? I'm glad such a concept store as yours exist as walking through your store doors is much more than simply do grocery shop, it's more like entering a brand new experience where fragrances, colours and tastes make their rules in the different aisles! Thanks you. That would be an honor for me to visit EARTH University and learn more about banana growing for Whole Foods in Costa Rica! Good luck to everyone, and Happy Earth Day!

Liz says …

I have been to EARTH University with the Global Youth Leadership Institute and it is a truly wonderful place. The entrepreneurial spirit coupled with the beautiful ecosystem makes for a once in a lifetime adventure! Their website is www.gyli.org if you're interested in learning more. Thanks!

Jessica King says …

It'd be an honor to tag-along and experience the wonder of Costa Rica!

truly benton says …


Korinne caliguire says …

Costa Rica is such a beautiful place. It is inspiring to see the country trying to preserve their land instead of tear it down. Wouldn't it be nice if others followed in their footsteps.

Pat cates says …

Would love the opportunity!!!

patrick says …

Has the winner been chosen/announced?

Chuck Duncan says …

Love to know more about this.

Local Directory Costa Rica says …

Costa Rica is a paradise on Earth. Its a perfect destination for adventure and nature lovers. Its rainforests are a significant and beautiful features of it, which is a treasure of amazing wildlife.

Carlos Velazques says …

Yo soy de Costa Rica y aqui la realidad es muy distinta, no es solo lo que se menciona en este block! la realidad de los productores organicos de banano en costa rica es muy distinta a la de la HEART, a esta Universidad Whole Foods (economicamente) les ha servido todo en bandeja de oro, pero mis hermanos "no todo lo que brila es oro" obviamente la Universidad no tiene problemas de mercado ni financieros pero los pequeños productores muchos sufren por no poder colocar sus banano organico en el mercado a un precio justo, a muchos les toma 15 años o hasta mas para que se les reconozca el valor de su producto .. Imagínense ustedes que hace un pequeno productor viviendo quince años con problemas de mercado!! simplemente no es sostenible ni mucho menos justo. La HEART se a encargado de formar personas productivistas pero jamas desarrolladores de comunidades como dicen aqui!! los han metido en un mundo irreal, primero hay que" chupar suelo" para saber lo que cuesta la vida.. Los pobres seguirán siendo mas pobres