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Eye Cream Insight

Every day around 3 pm, usually when I’ve been staring at my computer screen, the skin around my eyes starts to feel tight and dry. I like to keep my skin care routine pretty simple, but lately I’ve been wondering: is eye cream for me?

I decided to ask my friend Pam Crawford, a holistic esthetician and instructor at the Texas Healing Arts Institute. According to Pam, “The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your face. In fact, it’s the thinnest skin anywhere on your whole body.” Ironically, this delicate skin gets a workout every time you smile, laugh or squint. Age, dryness and sun exposure also contribute to fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

To help fight premature aging, start with a good sunscreen and an antioxidant-rich serum that will nourish your skin. Next, choose an eye cream that’s tailored to fit your skin’s needs.

For Fine Lines

If you’re beginning to develop fine lines around your eyes, it’s crucial to keep skin hydrated. Fine lines are more noticeable when skin is dry. Look for products with hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain moisture. One such eye cream is Mychelle Fabulous Eye Cream, which combines antioxidant-rich edelweiss plant stem cells with hyaluronic acid to nourish delicate skin.

For More Mature Skin


f you’re beginning to see deeper, more pronounced wrinkles, look for richer formulas with nourishing oils — such as shea butter, coconut oil, carrot seed oil or borage seed oil — to help support your skin’s moisture balance. Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream is one such eye cream that you can find on our shelves. It delivers omega-6 fatty acids from borage seed oil and carries the Premium Body Care® seal indicating our highest standards in sourcing, environmental impact, results and safety.

Finally, I asked Pam if there are any ingredients I should avoid when I’m shopping for eye cream. “Synthetic fragrances can be especially irritating in the eye area,” she said, “because the skin is so thin…and it’s right next to your eyeball.”

Here’s a real eye-opener: unless you have a chemistry degree, it can be difficult to tell from the label whether a product contains synthetic fragrance. Whole Foods Market encourages vendors to use fragrances derived from essential oils, and our Premium Body Care standards require that products use only natural essential oils and components of essential oils as fragrances. The Premium Body Care seal is your guarantee that you won’t find synthetic fragrance or more than 400 other questionable ingredients in your eye cream! Check your local store page to find a list of Premium Body Care products.

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Do you use eye cream? Let us know which products are your faves.