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Festive Beverages for Cinco de Mayo

There’s no better excuse than Cinco de Mayo for throwing a fiesta. Or going to a fiesta. Or having a fiesta all on your own. So, why not do it right? Don’t just have margaritashave dressed-up, lemon lime margaritas. And if you’re having tequila, why not just make a bright pink, watermelon-y Paloma? While you’re at it, you might as well make a spicy beer, too. Here’s how to make these (and three other Cinco de Mayo drinks)just make sure you don’t have to go into work too early the next day.


Photo by James Ransom

Recipe: Lemon Lime Margarita

This recipe uses a bit less tequila and more Cointreau that the standard margarita formula, which made us think the drink might be sweet, but it's not. It's smooth, tart and drinkable as all get out. 

Photo by James Ransom

Recipe: El Presidente

Use the best-quality ingredients you can, for this rum-based cocktail that has lots of interesting flavor layers—sweet but interesting.


Photo by James Ransom

Recipe: Persimmon Mojito

This is a floral and sweet drink with a hint of spicy complexity and the bright taste of lime to balance the warmth of the persimmon.


Photo by James Ransom

Recipe: El Chupacabra

A Pimm’s Cup gone south of the border, the cocktail gets it moniker from a terrifying mythical creature whose name means “goat sucker.” Although it’s hardly a sweet drink, you can barely taste the tequila, which makes it extra dangerous, just like its namesake.

Photo by James Ransom

Recipe: Michelada (aka Bloody Beer)

This michelada is great if you're in the mood for something savory and refreshing that won't put you under the table. It's got some of the classic flavors of a Bloody Mary (tomato, citrus, Worcestershire sauce), but because you use beer in place of vodka, the general effect is a little gentler.

Photo by James Ransom

Recipe: Watermelon Paloma

No, this isn't really a paloma. It's missing the one key ingredient (grapefruit) that distinguishes a paloma from most other tequila cocktails—and instead calls on watermelon to do fruit duty.


What’s your go-to drink for Cinco de Mayo festivities? Do you have a special twist on a traditional fave?