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Food Stamped: Do Something Reel Film Festival

In April we proudly launched the Do Something Reel Film Festival, an online collection of provocative, character-driven films that focus on food, environmental issues and everyday people with a vision of making a world of difference. Simply put, it’s a celebration of people who understand that small steps can create big change. The Do Something Reel Film Festival continues this month with Food Stamped, an educational and humorous documentary following a couple as they attempt to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet on a food stamp budget.

Nutrition educator Shira Potash teaches cooking classes to elementary school students in low-income neighborhoods, most of who are eligible for food stamps. In an effort to walk a mile in their shoes, Shira and her husband Yoav embark on the Food Stamp Challenge, eating on roughly one dollar per meal per person – the average food stamp allotment. During the challenge, the couple consults with members of Congress, food justice activists, nutrition experts and ordinary people living on food stamps to take a deep, eye-opening look at America’s broken food system.

Is it possible to eat healthfully on a food stamp budget? While Shira and Yoav do their best to make healthy choices at the market on their self-imposed budget, the obstacles they encounter highlight the link between obesity and low incomes. Here’s a sneak peek at what they discovered:

FOOD STAMPED official trailer from Yoav Potash on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Yoav Potash is a critically acclaimed producer and director, whose other films include “Crime After Crime”, a Sundance Film Festival documentary and a New York Times Critic’s Pick that has won 23 major awards. Shira Potash is a certified nutrition educator with a Masters in Community Health Education. This is her first film.

Visit the festival’s web site to rent Food Stamped through these digital platforms: iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video, Youtube VOD and Cinema Now.

A new film will be launched online each month on the platforms listed above. They are available for rental for $3.99 in standard definition and $4.99 in high definition and include exclusive interviews with the filmmakers. There is one viewing per purchase. Visit Do Something Reel’s web site for additional video, behind-the-scenes talks with filmmakers and other materials free of charge. Plus, stay tuned for these upcoming films:

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Should the government limit what can be bought with food stamps? What, if anything, should be limited? Share your thoughts in the comments.