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Food52’s Favorite Ways to Preserve Summer Fruit

What to do when those perfumy peaches you bought for a hypothetical tart start feeling too squishy for baking? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. While there are endless ways to preserve summer fruit, we’ve collected a list of our favorite options. From fruit-infused vinegar to rhubarb-gin jam, you’ll be enjoying your summer fruits well into the next season.

Recipe: Pickled Strawberry Jam

What could be a better way to enjoy your leftover strawberries than a jam layered with sugar and vinegar? Not only is this jam loaded with whole strawberries, but it can be frozen for up to six months. Talk about preservation.

Recipe: Spicy, Savory & Sweet Watermelon Rind Pickles

Keep those watermelon rinds you aren’t eating anyway—all year long! We love how this recipe is something we can eat when the watermelon-sticky summer days are long over. We could see this pairing wonderfully with cheese, or as a condiment in a meaty sandwich.

Recipe: Fruity Vinegar

When you've got overripe fruit on your hands, smash it into vinegar for a simple condiment—and bottle it up for a last-minute edible gift. Use this adaptable recipe to save any of favorite summer fruits.

Recipe: Eton Mess with Rhubarb-Gin Jam and Lemon-Basil Meringue

Each part of this recipe could stand easily on its own—but is best consumed, as directed, in a big mess all together. We can't think of a better way to celebrate all of the summer fruits this season.

Recipe: Honey-Sweetened White Peach Jam with Lemon

These small-batch preserves features white peaches, honey and lemons. It makes just a single pint of preserves and is the perfect way to capture a little taste of summer without breaking a sweat or destroying your kitchen.

Recipe: Quick-Pickled Cucumber-Melon Salad

Once you toss hunks of cucumber and melon in a few spoonfuls of salt and sugar, a 10 to 20 minute time-out is all they need. An impressive amount of water drains away, intensifying the flavors and gently seasoning them at the same time. Add silky threads of prosciutto (or feta, if that's how you roll), and you've got yourself a perfect picnic dish in 30 minutes flat.

How do you hold on to summer? Share your ideas for preserving summer fruit in the comments section below.