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Fresh Ideas for Winter Vegetables

It's that point in the season — seems like winter’s never going to end. But you don't have to suffer through cabin fever in the kitchen with dreary veggies prepared the same old way, every day. Brighten up! It's a great time to explore fresh ideas for enjoying peak-season winter vegetables.


Sauce them: If you enjoy comfort foods, you’ll love Collard Greens Gratin — collards baked in white sauce and topped with cheesy bread crumbs.

Wrap them: Use raw, or blanch or steam first, and then use collard leaves as wraps instead of tortillas.

Toss them: Toss thin ribbons with currants, Manchego and a sherry vinaigrette for a fantastic, full-flavored winter salad.

Roast them: Yes, roast your greens! With fish and pears, all on a sheet pan, for a quick, easy, one-pan dinner.

Belgian Endives

Roast them: It’s as simple as tossing with olive oil, salt and pepper. You won’t believe how sweet and meltingly tender endives become when you prepare them this way.

Toss them: The slightly bitter leaves are a nice addition to salads. Try pairing them with sweet beets and rich walnuts.

Stuff them: Individual leaves make perfect little boats for all kinds of fillings. Two ideas: stuff them with sweet pineapple shrimp or shrimp rémoulade.


Bake it: This easy gratin starring cabbage and cheddar is a house favorite. 

Simmer it: Cabbage is right at home in so many winter soups, for good reason. It’s filling and packed with nutrients.

Toss it: If you’re not a fan of cooked cabbage, bulk up on raw cabbage-based salads like this citrusy-avocado slaw.


Shoot it: As in, make soup shooters! You’ll love it with apple, almonds, parsley and lemon in this lively soup.

Carve it: Make steaks out of cauliflower.

Put an egg on it: Add some to your next omelet.


Bake them: Try parsnips wherever you like to bake with carrots. Spiced Parsnip and Apple Muffins are a great place to start.

Pancake them: Combine with carrots and potatoes for an impressive vegetable-centric pancake.

Cream them: Get cozy with a classic Cream of Parsnip Soup.

What are your fresh ideas for cooking winter vegetables?