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Fresh In Season: Halibut Steaks

Poached Halibut with Ginger and Cilantro Recipe

When I hear steak, my mind often wanders to a juicy T-bone, or sometimes a substantial beefsteak tomato or roasted cauliflower steak. But the steaks I’m most excited about right now are wild-caught halibut steaks. They’re fresh and in season right now, so grab some while you can. These halibut steaks boast a sweet and mild flavor and a tender texture perfect for broiling, baking and grilling. Halibut steaks from Whole Foods Market are from Marine Stewardship Council certified-sustainable fisheries in the U.S. — which means they are handled with care and can be traced back to a sustainable source.

Cooking and Preparation Tips

  • To halve the steaks, cut through the center vertebrae bone with a heavy knife or cleaver, or ask your fishmonger to do it for you.
  • When grilling seafood steaks, flip once halfway through cooking and grill a total of about 12 to 15 minutes. (Remember the rule of about 10 minutes cook time per inch thickness!)
  • Simmer steaks in a bit of broth or seasoned liquid (try a blend of orange juice, soy sauce, ginger and garlic) and cook while covered. No need to turn, but do baste occasionally.
  • Halibut holds up well to many cooking techniques and yields tender, juicy results.



Baked Halibut with Ginger, Tahini and Lime Recipe

Pickled ginger adds a kick to this fragrant, moist method for cooking halibut steaks. 

Grilled Halibut with Turmeric, Garlic and Capers Recipe

In this easy and impressive dish, grated fresh turmeric gives grilled halibut a rich golden hue.

Roasted Halibut Steaks with Spinach-Quinoa Pilaf Recipe

Thick, juicy halibut steaks coated with flavorful Cajun seasoning are a wonderful complement to this simple quinoa pilaf with spinach and tomatoes. The intensity of the halibut is matched by the savory quinoa.

Poached Halibut with Ginger and Cilantro Recipe

Poaching is a tasty, healthy way of cooking seafood since it doesn't require any oil and preserves all of the flavorful juices that are released during cooking.

 What’s your favorite way to prepare halibut?