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Get to Know Babka

If your only experience with babka is a classic Seinfeld episode, you’re long overdue for a lesson in baked goods. This traditional Jewish bread is going beyond the standard deli loaf and benefiting from today’s trend of recipe experimentation — which means you benefit too!

Babka is a yeasted bread that is filled with chocolate, cinnamon, or other ingredients, then doubled and twisted before being baked in a loaf pan. When sliced, the rivulets of filling running all through the bread are exposed, and you know each bite is loaded with flavor.

The texture of babka is moist and buttery, making it perfect for both a breakfast treat or a dessert. If you love cinnamon swirl bread, you’ll adore babka.

These days babka is getting the creative treatment when it comes to fillings, toppings, and even preparations. From babka doughnuts to cheese babka, the options are limitless.

Carrot Cake Babka Recipe

We put our own modern twist on babka with Carrot Cake Babka, a delightful dessert filled with carrots, walnuts and raisins. You can easily make your own flavor combinations — like shredded apple and cheddar with walnuts, or fresh raspberries, pistachios and lemon zest. You can also try playing around with spices in the filling or adding some citrus zest or matcha powder to the dough.

Babka does take a bit of time to make from scratch, thanks to the rising time, but the results are worth it. Try it out the next time you get the baking itch!

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