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Get to Know Matcha

If you’re a tea lover, chances are you’ve tried matcha, the vibrant green tea that is cropping up everywhere. Matcha is more than just a tea; it’s a great ingredient for adding flavor, color and antioxidants to your favorite treats.

What Is It?

Matcha is made from green tea leaves that have been ground into a fine powder. Rather than being steeped like traditional tea leaves, the powder is whisked with hot water or milk to create a frothy, invigorating drink.

The bitter flavor of matcha makes it a good pairing for sweeter recipes, and matcha is often used in desserts. However, you can also try it with dinner recipes that have a natural sweetness, especially seafood.

How to Use It

Matcha is available as a drinking tea and as a food-grade ingredient. You can use the drinking tea in recipes if you like — it is less bitter and is a good starting point for the matcha novice. Start with small amounts and add more to suit your taste preferences.

Here are some great ways to use matcha:

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