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Get to Know Pluots

Stone fruits are often one of the highlights of summer. But don’t just gorge on peaches and nectarines — look past the usual suspects and try something new. On our radar? Pluots!

What are pluots?

Pluots are hybrid fruits derived from cross-pollinating apricots and plums. While a plumcot is half plum, half apricot, a pluot is generally more plum than apricot. They’re sweeter and less acidic than their plum ancestors, making them great for snacking. Pluots vary in size and color and feature smooth, taut skin. Some have crisp flesh, while others are more soft and juicy. As with other stone fruits, they have a single pit in the center. They’re at their peak in June and July, so get your hands on them while you can!

How to enjoy pluots

When buying pluots, make sure they are firm and give to only slight pressure. Avoid any with soft spots or bruises. To ripen pluots, keep them at room temperature. Aside from eating out of hand, pluots can be used in any recipe you’d use fresh plums or apricots!

  • Slice and serve over yogurt for breakfast, or ice cream for dessert.
  • Use firepower and grill pluot halves. Watch our how to grill stone fruit video for tips!
  • Transform those grilled pluots into a wonderful salsa, using this Chicken with Grilled Peach and Chipotle Salsa recipe as a base.
  • Slice and wrap with prosciutto for an easy appetizer.
  • Add fresh pluots to your favorite salad.
  • Blend less-than-perfect pluots into your morning smoothie.
  • Swap in pluots in an easy crisp or crumble, like this Plum Crumble

Love plums or apricots? Then you’ve gotta try pluots!