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Gifts from the Garden

Spread cheer to family and friends with these simple, thoughtful, delicious gifts from the garden. And while many of these ideas can be beautifully gifted in Mason jars, don’t let that scare you—there’s little to no canning involved!

Herbs for the Holidays

Fresh herbs are a wonderful way to share your garden at the holidays, as they’re easy to grow and even easier to gift. For a fresh foodie gift (perfect for a hostess), how about herb butter, gifted in a pretty crock—simply chop your favorite herbs and mix with room-temperature butter, then refrigerate. Herb-infused olive oils or vinegars make for another perfect hostess treat, and look elegant packaged in an inexpensive glass bottle with a holiday tag.

Just-picked herbs can be quickly dried in a low-temp oven or air-dried in a few days, ready for any number of savory stocking stuffers. Mix up batches of gourmet salts with dried herbs (like Herbes de Provence Salt) and divvy up into little jars. To complete the gift, add a small wooden spoon and a bow, along with a recipe suggestion or two. Have a friend who’d rather relax in a bath than in the kitchen? Rosemary and lavender scented bath salts packed in a small apothecary jar will delight any aromatherapy aficionado.

Zest and Brightest

From grapefruits to tangerines, Meyer lemons to blood oranges, it’s a great time for citrus. If you’re enjoying the fruits from your backyard, toss together some flavorful citrus salts. Round out the gift with a seafood recipe and a handmade wooden spoon. For a sweet and sour twist, try this gift-able recipe for Tangerine Sugar, then share the holiday spirit with a bottle of tequila and your go-to margarita recipe. Candied lemon peels are another citrusy way to say happy holidays. Don’t forget to include suggestions on how to use them—or just recommend dipping them in dark chocolate.

Merry Marmalades

Spend a little extra time in the kitchen and make Ginger-Scented Orange Marmalade. Dole it out to friends in little jars tied with a bow and a sweet jam spoon. Add a small cutting board and a cup, towel, or—even better—homemade scones or a loaf of bread. And if you spent your summer putting up pickles or jams, now is the perfect time to give them to the food lovers in your life.

Layer Upon Layer

Quick-bread mixes neatly layered in quart-sized Mason jars make for an easy gift that any home cook can enjoy. The Walnut Rosemary Oat Bread Mix is a perfect holiday treat. Tie on a tag—with directions—and wrap it together with a nice baking dish for full effect.

Tell us: how will you gift the bounty of your garden?