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Going Organic

Perhaps it’s because I have children or maybe it’s the wide range of products now available, but I choose organics more often than ever. And I’m not alone. More and more organic products are available every year; the organic market has grown, on average, more than 20% per year over the last 7-10 years, making the fastest growing segment of agriculture.”

What are “organics”? Organic products are grown in environmentally friendly ways, without toxic or persistent agricultural chemicals. Organic agriculture is a production method that emphasizes the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality.

Seal of approval. Since 2002, all organic food products sold in the US are required to meet strict Federal standards managed by the USDA. These standards include:

  • Soil and plants cannot be treated with toxic chemicals or persistent pesticides
  • No toxic fertilizers or sewage sludge can be used to promote growth
  • GMOs are not allowed in the field or in processing
  • Animals are fed organic feeds, provided outdoor access and clean water, and their natural behaviors must be accommodated.
  • Synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics are forbidden in animal production

Opting for organic. Choosing organic food supports farmers and producers who believe in good health, quality foods and earth-friendly sustainable agricultural practices. Our friends at the Organic Trade Association put together these six simple reasons to reach for organics:

  1. Organic products meet stringent standards.
  2. Organic production reduces health risks.
  3. Organic farms respect our water resources.
  4. Organic farmers work in harmony with nature.
  5. Organic producers are leaders in innovative research.
  6. Organic farming helps keep rural communities healthy.

Looking for choices? As the first national certified organic grocer in the US, Whole Foods Market® has organics in every aisle – from produce, pantry staples and artisan cheeses to meat and poultry, dairy and body care. You won’t find a bigger selection than at our stores.

Why do you choose organics? I welcome your thoughts in the comments below.