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Going Organic on a Budget

A recent study by the Organic Trade Association found eight in 10 parents in the US report they purchase organic products at least sometimes and an increasing number are making this choice because of their desire to provide healthful options for their children. How can you afford to make the same choice for your family?

As the first nationally certified organic grocer in the US, Whole Foods Market® has organics in every aisle; you won’t find a bigger selection than at our stores. If you’re looking to fill your shopping cart with organics without emptying your pocketbook, it pays to know when to reach for them. Here are 7 ways to go organic without going over your budget.

  1. Wise choices. Start by switching to items you use the most. For my family, this means organic milk, eggs and grains.
  2. Reach for 365 Everyday Value®. From salad dressings and pasta sauce to cheese and cotton balls, we offer more than 600 organic 365 Everyday Value® products at great prices.
  3. Look for sale signs. There are more than 1000 items on sale at any time - lots of it organic, including meat, grocery products and fresh, seasonal produce.
  4. Be the first to know. Subscribe to your local store’s newsletter and receive the latest news on our national wide one-day sales and store specific sales.
  5. Bulk up. Buying organic rice, cereal, nuts and grains from bulk bins lets you get just the amount you need and try a variety without paying for excess packaging.
  6. Coupons! From kids’ yogurt and juice blends to wafers and pickles, we’ve got coupons for organic favorites to satisfy everyone at your table. Print them before you shop or find them in The Whole Deal value guide in stores.
  7. Sure deals. In each issue of The Whole Deal value guide, our Sure Deals bring you the best quality and the best value every day. Look for organic offerings for summertime favorites like ready-to-drink teas.

What money-saving tips do you have for buying organic goods? Share in the comments section below.