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How to Stretch One Dinner into Multiple Meals

Recipe: Cherry Pecan Grain Salad

Looking for time-saving tips for making delicious lunches and dinners? One of the keys to simplifying mealtime is to make the most of each meal you prep. Make big batches of key ingredients like proteins, grains and veggies one night so you can easily reinvent leftovers for lunch or dinner the following days.
Here are a few of our favorite ways to turn ingredients from one night’s dinner into easy new dishes the next day. 

7 Double Duty Dinners

First Meal: Roasted or Grilled Vegetables
Second meal: Make Grilled Veggie and Goat Cheese Wraps or mix leftovers with cooked grains like barley, wheat berries or brown rice and toss with your favorite vinaigrette. You could also opt for a Brown Rice and Vegetable Casserole.
First Meal: Roast Chicken
Second meal: Leftovers can be transformed into salads like our popular Sonoma Chicken Salad, Easy Chicken Burritos, Quick Chicken Tostadas, Chicken Tetrazzini or more quick and easy dishes. 
First Meal: Grilled Salmon 
Second meal: Leftover salmon is a match for green salads such as this Wild Alaska Salmon and Avocado Salad, pasta dishes like Penne Primavera with Salmon and sandwiches too.
First Meal: Whole Grains
Second meal: You’re one step closer to Cherry Pecan Grain Salad for lunch or Roasted Bell Peppers Stuffed with Quinoa for your next dinner.
Second meal: Enjoy sandwiches for lunch or sauté potatoes, onions and leftover beef (top with an egg, if desired) for a hearty roast beef hash for dinner. 
First Meal: Cooked Pasta
Second meal: Pasta Frittata with Chard, Bacon and Goat Cheese for breakfast or dinner. Plus, cold pasta salads like Black Bean and Roasted Corn Pasta Salad are a breeze to prepare for brown bag lunches.
First Meal: Baked Sweet Potatoes
Second meal: Make a quick bisque by puréeing peeled cooked or mashed sweet potatoes with stock and coconut milk. Stir in a little curry powder or add cooked rice and chopped chicken or turkey for a hearty entrée.