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Let’s Talk Cheese with Cathy Strange and Panna

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Wander into a Whole Foods Market cheese department and you might feel like you’ve stepped into Willy Wonka’s factory – that is if Willy Wonka were a cheesemonger with every kind of chèvre, Brie, and cheddar imaginable. You have Cathy Strange to thank for that.

Cathy is the resident global cheese buyer, which means she’s traveled the world in search of the finest cheesemakers, artisans, and affineurs.

Lucky you, Cathy and Panna are inviting you into her wonderful world of cheese. Panna is pleased to introduce Cathy’s brand new column The Wheel, where she gives you the lowdown on all her favorite cheeses.

First up: Gruyère. Hailing from Switzerland, it’s made in only five cantons, or states, and Cathy takes us behind the scenes at a production facility, where you’ll see how our beloved cheese gets its signature, nutty flavor.

Then, Cathy heads to Colston Bassett Dairy, nestled in the English countryside. One of six remaining makers of Stilton in the entire world, Colston Bassett has over 80 years of production — and its cheesemakers are showing you how it’s done. “It’s important to get out there and support traditional cheeses from the British Isles,” Cathy says. “This is the classic cheese.”

These videos are just a taste of what you’ll get from The Wheel and all of Panna’s other great expert cooking videos. So, pour yourself a glass of wine, pull out some crackers and download Panna for some delicious cheese inspiration.