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The Lighter Side of the Meat Counter

Looking for the lighter side of the meat counter? Try these tasty options for the new year.

With so many great alternatives at the Whole Foods Market® meat counter, small changes are easy. This time of year, lots of folks swear off one food or another, but you can still enjoy tasty meals and a leaner diet with a little help from your local butcher.

Take advantage of our sausagemeisters’ creativity and special order your very own sausage, like our in-house Turkey Bratwurst. Most of our sausages can be made with chicken, turkey or even bison. Call ahead or stop in during the week to put in an order for the weekend, as these will require special production. The seasonings hold true, so you can rely on great juicy flavor, but with a minor meat adjustment

Speaking of bison! We love this dinner-table option. Bison mostly thrives on the range, foraging for grass, and this diet can yield lots of tasty benefits. You can read more on bison’s nutritional profile and get recipe ideas in this previous post.

If you’re not a bison fan yet, try grass-fed beef.  Although not as robust as Bison, the flavor profile of grass-fed is slightly different than what you may be used to.  A great way to test-drive these new flavors is in a big pot of chili, stew or stir-fry.  Just a small amount of meat flavors a heaping helping of veggie goodness.

Remember, we still have the best poultry game in town. All our chicken and turkey come from producers rated by the Global Animal Partnership’s (GAP) 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating Program.  We have a wide selection of both chicken and turkey cuts, and our talented butchers are always ready to help you choose the best for your table and budget. And our oven-ready selections and marinated cuts make dinner a snap.. 

Whatever your dieting resolution, our friendly butchers are ready to help you have a delicious – and wholesome—new year. Tell us: how will your plate change in the new year?