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Lucy's Cookies

We love our producers, suppliers and vendors and we think most of them have some pretty interesting stories behind their products too. We’re sharing some of our favorites here in an ongoing series.

Cookies can be one of life’s simplest pleasures — unless you’ve got food allergies. Lucy Gibney, a former ER doctor and creator of Lucy’s cookies, was hit head-on by this reality when her infant son was diagnosed with severe food allergies. Suddenly, even the most ordinary food ingredients were a source of worry.

As her son grew up, Lucy also longed for him to be able to share treats with his friends and family when celebrating special moments.

“Even when I baked things at home, we worried about undeclared allergens and we had no way of knowing if ingredients were truly safe,” Lucy explains. “My cookies tasted better than what we could buy, but we wanted more assurance.”

In 2006, she launched a company to create truly delicious cookies made without common allergens such as milk, gluten, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts. In an unusual move for a startup, she also decided not to work with manufacturing partners (commonly called “co-packers”) to make the products. Instead, she built a specialized bakery facility to maintain control over all aspects of product quality and safety.

“We are so particular about sourcing even ordinary things like baking powder and baking soda,” Lucy says. Ingredients that could possibly have come into contact with allergens are tested.

All Lucy’s products are made without milk, gluten, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts; they’re also just good cookies.

Have you tried Lucy’s cookies? What’s your favorite cookie flavor?