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Stasi says ...
Kudos to Method for offering their "free + clear" soaps. My husband hates ALL smelly soap and this is the only kind he wants to use. It's getting harder and harder to find, but please know that people who have aversions or allergies to scents REALLY need and love it!
11/03/2012 3:27:09 PM CDT
Kathie says ...
I am a Method junkie! I saw a video early on, bought several of the products, and have been using them for years now. If I run out, the laundry, dishes, counter, etc. have to wait because nothing else will do. I buy the hand soap (love the grapefruit scent) by the case and give them to guests when they comment on the refreshing, clean scent. I am happy to spread the word about these environmentally friendly, fabulous products!
11/03/2012 6:55:01 PM CDT
K Phillips says ...
I have two favorite Method products. They are pink grapefruit hand wash and clementine dish soap. I love the smell of both of the products. I decided to try the dish soap once, and I kept buying it after that. I think this is a great idea involving people to collect ocean plastic and recycling it to be used. The founders are very innovative, and I applaud their efforts to draw more attention to the problem of plastics in our oceans.
11/03/2012 11:17:11 PM CDT
Kristy says ...
I LOVE method's bathroom cleaners (and other products)! I have struggled for years with cleaning the bathroom because the harsh chemicals in most cleaners triggered my asthma... but not Method! Knowing that the products smell great, are effective, and safe, along with being environmentally friendly makes them tops in my book!
11/04/2012 9:14:32 AM CST
Jemmie says ...
LOVE Method!! I love the Sea Minerals scent! I wish every product was available in this scent- I would buy it up :)
01/02/2013 1:37:47 PM CST