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Mix it Up with Beer Cocktails

Beer has been around for thousands of years, serving as a celebration drink for much of that time. Crisp and refreshing or earthy and flavorful, it’s no wonder that beer has been a mainstay of summer cookouts and parties. In recent years beer has experienced resurgence in popularity, thanks to new craft beers and innovative cocktail recipes.

Having grown up in Wisconsin, I’m well-versed in the art of cooking with beer, but lately I’ve been enjoying the interesting beer cocktails that restaurants are making, from micheladas to perfectly summery shandys.

Try a few of these beer cocktail recipes to round out your next grill-a-thon.

Honeyed Peach Wheat Beer

Texas Snakebite

Spicy Beer Cocktails

Salty Lager

Spicy Auburn Ale

Share your favorite beer cocktails in the comments!