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Mom-O-Rama: Celebrate Your Mom-ness

Hey mama. We think you’re pretty awesome and we want to show you just how much during Mom-O-Rama! Come celebrate your mom-ness with us this Thursday, May 9th from 10am to 1pm in all our US stores. There will be tasty samples and lots of treats you’ll love. Plus we’re giving away goodie bags to the first 50 moms to claim them during Mom-O-Rama.

Whether you want to drop some hints to the kids or you still need to shop for your mom, you’ll find lots of lovely gift ideas on our shelves. Like these three simple things that’ll make mom really happy. Or treat yourself to some Mineral Fusion cosmetics with this $4.00 off coupon.

Of course, we’re also all about celebrating with a delicious meal made with the best ingredients. Here are a few simple but tasty dishes that little hands can help you make or that bigger hands can make for you if you want to send ideas to whoever’s cooking on Mother’s Day:

Tell us what makes you an awesome mom (or what makes your mom awesome) in the comments below.