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Money-Saving Tips for the Holidays

Mini Potato-Carrot Pancakes with Festive Sour Cream Recipe

Start saving now!

Shop smart

  • Shop 365 Everyday Value®. It’s easy to find hundreds of affordable pantry staples – and holiday goodies -- within our 365 Everyday Value® line.
  • We offer discounted pricing on many items when you buy a full case or more at once. Get the details at Customer Service.
  • From flours and grains to herbs and spices, buy only the amount that you need from our bulk bins.
  • Head to the salad bar when you need small amounts of veggies. Ingredients are prewashed, pre-chopped and often organic!

Remember the meals between

  • Reinvent leftovers to get the most out of everything! Think transforming crudités to roasted veggies, potatoes to pancakes, meat to pies, and stuffing to savory muffins. Search our recipe database by ingredient for ideas.
  • Keep simple meal makings on hand to avoid budget-busting takeout. A bag of individually-quick-frozen chicken breasts, frozen rice and veggies means dinner in a snap. 
  • Prepare a big batch of staple ingredients — lentils, grains or veggies — and then incorporate them into various dishes during the week. Take a look at this How To Batch Cook And Freeze video.

What are your strategies for saving during the holidays? Share your tips below.