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Putumayo Presents Vintage France

By Dan Storper, April 24, 2013  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Dan Storper

Vintage FranceRead on for a chance to win a CD set of Putumayo’s best-selling French collection, available in most Whole Foods Market Stores. Dan Storper is the CEO and founder of Putumayo World Music. UPDATE: Thanks to everyone that entered. Congratulations to our randomly chosen winner, Nicole!

Though echoing the past, Putumayo proves how alive and hip classic French chanson remains in its latest release, Vintage France. Several generations of musicians continue to find inspiration in tunes that were first popularized in the early to mid-1900s and have withstood the test of time.

On Vintage France, sultry songstresses such as the iconic Juliette Gréco (singing the Belle Époque beauty “La Valse Brune”) and Madeleine Peyroux (with a cheeky renewal of Serge Gainsbourg’s “La Javanaise”) join newcomers Francesca Blanchard (“Sous le Ciel de Paris”) and Dutch jazz harmonica whiz Martijn Luttmer (“Les Parapluies de Cherbourg”). Old master Norbert Slama’s swinging “Nany,” is full of Gypsy jazz energy and retro warmth, and demonstrates the connection between Paris of the 1940s when Slama first performed, and the vibrant French music scene of today.

This harmonious collection has deep roots. From the outdoor guingette dances where the waltzing musette instrumentals of early French popular music began, to the cabarets where Édith Piaf, Maurice Chevalier and other legends entertained a country struggling with the recovery from World War II. Over the last 100 years, the French chanson tradition has undergone a process of evolution, yet retained an inimitable charm.

The musicians featured on this collection, such as Slama, have kept the tradition of rich harmonization and rhythmic nuance alive while evolving the sound for today’s listeners. This open-minded evolution is captured on the interpretations of classic songs on Vintage France.

Fans of Édith Piaf and Serge Gainsbourg, or new listeners looking for an introduction to France’s classic gems, will find exactly what they are looking for on Vintage France.

Does French music make you go ooh-la-la? Share your favorite French artist in the comments below by May 15 for a chance to win a CD set of Putumayo’s best-selling French collection, including Vintage France, French Café, Paris and French Playground.

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Promotion ends May 15, 2013, 11:59 PM CDT. Must be a legal resident of the US or Canada (except in Quebec, where it is void) age 18 or older to participate. Taxes on prize, if applicable, are the responsibility of the winner. Employees of Whole Foods Market, Inc., are not eligible. Void where prohibited.




Linda Tiley Stark says ...
During a trip to Provence we were in one of the stone villages and heard wonderful music coming from un petite cafe. And discovered from the owners that it was was Barbara (1930-1997). It was perfection.
04/24/2013 7:08:31 PM CDT
Jaclyn Schoknecht says ...
Serge Gainsbourg...ooh la la!
04/24/2013 7:52:45 PM CDT
Diana Barbieri says ...
Francis Cabrel
04/25/2013 8:18:46 AM CDT
Catalina says ...
I love Émilie Simon!!!
04/25/2013 1:03:33 PM CDT
Frank Romano says ...
Edith Piaf
04/25/2013 1:06:33 PM CDT
Joyce Lovelace says ...
Beaucoups de gratitude to CharlesTrenet (1913-2001) for his exquisite song "La Mer," which he wrote and recorded in the 1940s. His version is so romantic, so over the top-- so French! It later became Bobby Darin's jazzy American hit, "Beyond the Sea."
04/25/2013 1:10:42 PM CDT
Catherine says ...
Awwww. Gainsbourg!!
04/25/2013 1:15:01 PM CDT
Desiree Bunton says ...
If its older french pop I really love listening to Michel Fugain, but I also like the modern french pop that the artist Yelle sings.
04/25/2013 1:34:23 PM CDT
Desiree Bunton says ...
If it's older french pop I like to listen to Michel Fugain, but I also like listening to the modern French pop that the artist Yelle sings.
04/25/2013 1:36:58 PM CDT
Tara says ...
I only recently became familiar with Madeleine Peyroux from her song, Dance Me to the End of Love, on the Elegy motion picture soundtrack. Great movie and even better song! She's amazing. I have a lot of catching to do!
04/25/2013 1:38:58 PM CDT
Sue Johnson says ...
I love Jacques Brel.
04/25/2013 1:47:43 PM CDT
Kenneth Caruso says ...
No doubt Edith Piaf
04/25/2013 2:12:29 PM CDT
Claire Durell says ...
I fell in love with Edith Piaf and her gorgeous, enchanting music after watch the film "Le Vie en Rose". Every time I hear one of her songs, it makes me long for a stroll down the Champs Elysee, watching the twinkling fairy lights and taking in magic of Paris.
04/25/2013 2:55:06 PM CDT
Chara Rowland says ...
La Vie en rose was the signature song of French singer Édith Piaf, written in 1945. Édith Piaf's voice is so full of emotion and is soooo French. As a little girl, her style and her famous song made me LONG for the day I could visit Paris!!!!
04/25/2013 3:41:21 PM CDT
Bonnie Hays says ...
Edith Piaf toujours!!
04/25/2013 3:51:47 PM CDT
Marsha Saenz-Jones says ...
Sounds awesome!
04/25/2013 4:30:45 PM CDT
Kat says ...
I adore Mylen Farmer. She has a unique story to tell with her sultry voice and doe eyes. Her videos are stunning as well.
04/25/2013 6:36:39 PM CDT
Kirsten Williams says ...
I (along with my children) really enjoy the artists featured on Putumayo kids French Playground. Our favourite are, Thomas Fersen - Croque & Benabar & Associes - La P'tite Monnaie.
04/25/2013 6:59:16 PM CDT
Cathy Ledbetter says ...
Edith Piaf's voice springs to mind when I dream about France.
04/25/2013 10:06:01 PM CDT
Bo says ...
I adore Edith Piaf!
04/29/2013 4:05:55 PM CDT
Michele says ...
Edith Piaf!
04/29/2013 4:12:11 PM CDT
scott says ...
Edie pilaf
04/29/2013 4:32:43 PM CDT
Robynella says ...
Coralie Clement!
04/29/2013 4:49:48 PM CDT
Ria Botzler says ...
Edith Piaf is still my favorite. I discovered her when I was about 14 and became obsessed with L'accordéoniste. Très bien.
04/29/2013 7:17:30 PM CDT
Stella Singleton says ...
Love the modern sounds of Phoenix
04/29/2013 11:40:08 PM CDT