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Reasons to Choose Plant-Based Hair Care

When I’m choosing hair care products, two basic questions guide my decisions: How does my hair feel? And how does my hair smell?

The latter question may seem like an afterthought, but perfume-y hair care products can really follow you around all day. I’m not a fan of artificial fragrances — or the phthalates with which they’re sometimes formulated. So I was very excited when Whole Foods Market introduced its new line of Plant-Active hair care featuring 97% plant-derived ingredients and custom-blended plant aromatics.

The Line 

This line features three different shampoo and conditioners: Moisturizing, Volumizing and Color Preserve. I tried the Color Preserve products on my dry, color-treated hair and was very pleased with how sleek and healthy it felt. Both the Color Preserve and the Volumizing Products are made with quinoa protein — a time-honored ingredient that’s trending in the hair care world.

In fact, all of these products are packed with buzz-worthy botanicals. The Moisturizing products feature chestnut extract, argan oil and shea butter, while the Volumizing line boosts tresses with Tilia tomentosa (aka silver linden).

What's Missing

What you won’t find in Whole Foods Market Plant-Active Hair Care products: parabens, phthalates, sulfates or synthetic polymers. The entire line meets Whole Foods Market’s Premium Body Care standards for sourcing, safety, effectiveness and environmental impact. 

Best of all, I love the way my hair smells when I use this stuff. The Volumizing and Color Preserve products boast a citrusy, bergamot blend that actually smells like real fruit instead of some fruit-ish fakery. Derived from plant essences, the scent is enough to be uplifting during my morning shower but not overbearing once my hair is dry.

I noticed the same pleasant aroma when I used the Whole Foods Market Weightless Hold Styling Gel, which was strong enough to add height to my faux hawk without making me feel like I had helmet hair. The gel is part of a new line of styling products that also includes mousse, shine spray and volumizing hairspray. Like the shampoos and conditioners, these style essentials meet Whole Foods Market’s Premium Body Care standards, which prohibit more than 400 unacceptable ingredients.

Have you tried these plant-powered hair care products? Tell us how they worked for you in the comments.