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Reduce, Reuse, Revive!

In this issue, Dark Rye highlights Revival through a return to one’s origins as two friends explore their Caribbean roots by opening an island retreat; the animal experience of presence with the co-founders of EPIC protein bars; the reintroduction of kale to France via one woman’s commitment to her leafy green root; and in the sustainable relationship to the environment with Revive and its commitment to bottle reuse, highlighted below.

Sean Lovett, the environmentally driven business steward behind revive kombucha, is challenging the industry to do business differently by moving the spotlight from his product to the sustainable context in which his product is produced. Don’t misunderstand. Trust us. Revive is some kick-ass kombucha. Try some for yourself. But revive is unique to the extent that it stakes its claim in its bottle exchange. They want their bottles back. Not recycled or thrown in the trash. So they collect a deposit on each bottle to ensure their return and reuse. Add to that their use of biodiesel to transport products and—boom—business with soul.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink traditionally made with a brew of black tea and cane sugar and then fermented with a SCOBY Many people think kombucha is a mushroom tea, largely because of the mushroom-like appearance of the SCOBY, but this is a misconception as the SCOBY stands for a: symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.

It’s Origin

The true origin of kombucha is unknown. Many believe it originated in China (another name for kombucha being Manchurian mushroom tea), Japan or Korea, but a number of other cultures around the world have a fermented drink similar to kombucha.

Want to try to make your own? There’s a recipe for kombucha on Dark Rye (you’ll need to scroll down the page).

Are you making something old new again? What are examples of ways you’ve come full circle?

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