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Rotisserie Chicken: Classic Dinner, New Flavors Each Month


Rotisserie chicken is the hero of short-cut dinners. Pick one up and you’re three quarters of the way to a quick-and-delicious meal, whether the chicken is the center of the plate or shredded ‭for a hearty sandwich, salad or stuffed potato..

Our new Featured Flavor program makes it even more enticing to pick one up by offering birds in chef-inspired flavors for a limited time. ‭This month: Kansas City BBQ, a ‭deliciously sweet-and-spicy rotisserie chicken full of classic barbecue tang and smoke. ‭We paired it with Smokey Collards for a classic home-style combo. (Bonus: When you ‭buy the bird and the side you get a $1 off. Available while supplies last.

Here are three ways to take this limited-edition ‭Kansas City BBQ bird and fly with it:

1. ‭Make pulled-chicken sandwiches by shredding the meat (you can use your fingers, ‭no knife required!) and warming it in your favorite basting sauce or barbecue sauce. ‭Spoon it into buns or soft rolls and and classic garnishes like coleslaw, crunchy pickles ‭or sliced radishes and avocado. You can serve collards on the side or layer it right into ‭the sandwiches. 

2. ‭Make a hearty Kansas City Cobb salad by covering a large platter with crunchy sliced ‭romaine lettuce and topping it with strips of diced chicken, black olives, crumbled blue ‭cheese, diced tomato, corn kernels, diced avocado and more. Serve it with ranch or ‭Italian dressing. 

‭3. ‭Serve up loaded potatoes by layering diced chicken and collards into split baked ‭potatoes and adding your choice of shredded Monterrey jack cheese, black beans, corn ‭kernels, diced red onion, sour cream or Greek yogurt and cilantro. Serve the collard ‭greens on the side sprinkled with chopped spiced almonds. 

Got leftover meat? It’ll keep refrigerated for about three days so you can enjoy it for lunch (make sure it’s well sealed so it doesn’t dry out). Use it in a tasty wrap or sandwich.

And save the bones in a bag in your freezer:  Golden Chicken Broth is easy to make and excellent for soups or as a sipping broth.

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