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Sensational Smoked Salmon

Although smoked salmon has a long history with bagels and cream cheese, it’s a simple delicacy you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It adds elegance and flavor to omelets and crêpes like Smoked Salmon Crêpes with Creamed Peas, and to sushi, salads, sandwiches and spreads like Lemon Tarragon Smoked Salmon Spread.

Smoked Salmon Crêpes with Creamed Peas

Smoked Salmon is not Lox

Most smoked salmon is cold smoked at 99°F. This keeps the fish delicate and tender, yet smoky and delicious. The term “smoked salmon” refers to any variety of salmon which is smoked, regardless of the process. Although it is not lox, the two terms are often used interchangeably due to confusion about the processes. Here’s what you need to know about smoked salmon, lox and the Scandinavian specialty Gravlax:

  • Cold Smoked Salmon. It is salt cured, rinsed and cold smoked. It can come from anywhere.
  • Hot Smoked Salmon. Cooked all the way through, it’s got a smoky flavor, but the texture is firm and it flakes easily.
  • Nova Lox (Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon). Made from a variety of salmon, the name refers to the time when most of the New York salmon came from Nova Scotia, but that’s not the case anymore. Nova Scotia now refers to the process of making the salmon, not to its origins. It’s cured in brine like regular lox then cold smoked. 
  • Scottish and Irish Smoked Salmon. These are smoked over oak chips made from whiskey casks but the Irish variety can be a little drier and smokier than the Scottish.
  • Norwegian Smoked Salmon. It’s smokier and heavier than some of the other varieties.
  • Lox. It is not smoked but instead brined in salt for several weeks and can be quite salty in flavor. Originally, lox was called “belly lox” because it came from the belly of the salmon.
  • Gravlax. Salt, sugar, plenty of dill and sometimes other spices make Gravlax unique. Like lox, it’s cured but not smoked. Gravlax is weighted down while being cured in order to draw moisture out of the fish, sealing in the flavors of the spices. 

Smoked Salmon and Crème Fraîche-Topped Crispy Potatoes

Get Cooking!

Here’s some inspiration to get you cooking with smoked salmon:

What’s your favorite way to enjoy smoked salmon?