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Smile! It's Tulip Time

Tulips are happiness on a stem. Making a tulip arrangement is a great way to cheer up your winter mood and add a splash of color to your home. There are enough tulip colors to have a different look every week. And because tulips continue to change and grow after they are cut, your arrangements will have a new look every day!


Here are a few fun facts about tulips:

  • The word “tulip” comes from the Turkish word for “turban” because of their shape.
  • Tulips were originally discovered in Turkey and parts of the Middle East in the 14th and 15th centuries. Traders brought them back to Europe where they created “Tulip Mania” and became as valuable as gold. They were traded in a manner much like our stock market. Many fortunes were made and lost during the Tulip Mania craze as people gambled their homes and businesses to buy the precious bulbs.
  • Historically, the tulip was seen as a symbol of abundance and wealth. They’re popular additions to bridal bouquets, wedding arrangements or other special occasions.


Here are four tips for displaying and maximizing the life of your tulip arrangement:

  1. Tulips don’t need flower food. They have already received all the nourishment they need from their bulbs.
  2. Change the water daily and re-cut the stem ends to make your tulips last longer.
  3. Avoid direct sun, heat and drafts. Pair with cut forsythia, pussy willow or other branches for a beautiful, natural look.
  4. Try pebbles or river rocks in the bottom of your vase for contrast and texture.

What’s your favorite color of tulip?