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Spring Cleaning with Greener Cleaners

I love a clean house. Clutter- and dust-free surfaces. A stovetop free of spaghetti sauce stains. Windows without dog nose kisses on them. (Okay, that last one is actually kind of cute.)

Apparently, I’ve passed along my clean gene to my three-year-old because she likes to help with the dishes, sweeping and dusting. Hurray for help!

A New Meaning to Cleaning

At Whole Foods Market, we’re helping with the cleaning too. Currently, the US government does not mandate full disclosure of ingredients on cleaning products. (I know, right?) To help you make informed choices, we developed the Eco-Scale™ rating system, a third-party verified rating for environmental impact, safety, sourcing, animal testing and labeling. From this ingredient evaluation, products get a red, orange, yellow or green rating. If it’s rated red then we won’t sell it in our stores.

By doing this, we’ve developed the first cleaning-products standards of any retailer and the most comprehensive standards of any "green cleaners" standards-setting group. Not only does this rating system allow you to decide just how “green” you want to go, it also encourages producers to create better products. Plus, every added ingredient is listed on the label.

Working Hard for the Money
Reaching for earth-conscious cleaners doesn’t mean wiping out your savings. We scoured our shelves for the three must-have products with high marks for safety—yours and the planet’s. These hardworking cleaners go from floor to skylights and everything in-between with cash to spare so you can grab a few rolls of 100%-recycled-paper towels. These are our picks for cleaning house with just three products and about 12 bucks.

Whole Foods Market™ All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner

With pine essential oil, this is the hardest working partner in your cleaning closet for floors, sinks, counters, bathtubs and toilets. Rated yellow on the Eco-Scale™.

Green Mission™ Organic All-Purpose Spray Cleaner & Degreaser

Removes dirt, grease and grime from hard surfaces such as tile and countertops. All it leaves behind is a fresh lemon zest scent from pure essential oils. Rated green on the Eco-Scale™.

Whole Foods Market™ Glass Cleaner

This unscented cleaner helps you see the world in a new way without phosphates, phthalates or chlorine to cloud your view. Rated yellow on the Eco-Scale™.

Hoping to clean up even more without making a mess? Rated “green” on the Eco-ScaleTM, our hard-working minty-fresh Green MissionTM Surface Cleaning Wipes remove dirt, grease and grime without using chlorine, phosphates or petrochemicals. Get this sure deal for $4.99 or less.

If you have questions about the nitty gritty of the Eco-Scale™ Rating System, be sure to check out this blog post from earlier this month.

You can now spring clean with a clear conscience thanks to the Eco-Scale™ Rating System. If you use green cleaners, let me know why in the comments below.

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