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Stunningly Simple Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Accent your Thanksgiving table with a centerpiece you make yourself. Autumn yields such fabulous colors and textures, it’s easy to create your own arrangement and have fun doing it!

Gourgeous Gourds

One of my favorite centerpieces starts its life as a pie pumpkin or heirloom gourd. Just carve out an area in the pumpkin large enough to hold a cup or small vase and insert your flowers in the vessel.

I love the festive color combinations and gorgeous blooms in the Whole Trade Harvest or Sunset Bouquets. (And your purchase helps improve the lives of farm workers, too!)

Adding mini-pumpkin candle holders to your table is a fun touch. Just slice off the top of the pumpkin, remove the seeds and hollow out a place to hold your tea light.

If the gourd is long enough you can build the candle holders right in along with your flowers! Add to the fall theme with hypericum berries, seeded eucalyptus, bay leaves, cattails, wheat stalks or grasses.

A Truly Edible Centerpiece

Another gorgeous seasonal centerpiece has a second life as a side dish! Fill a soup tureen or other deep bowl with ice water and add cauliflower, broccoli rabe, kales, etc. The colors and textures are beautiful and can be eaten when you are done with your centerpiece. Now that’s some serious seasonal multi-tasking!

A Place for Name Cards

Place card holders are a fun way to decorate your table while letting everyone have a little favor to take home. Gather some large, pretty leaves from the yard and some store-bought hard fruits or vegetables, like lady apples, mini pumpkins or baby pears.

Glue the fruit to the leaf (hot glue works great). then cut a small slit in the fruit and insert the place card. You can embellish by gluing on acorns, small cones, flowers, berries, etc.

Send the children into the outdoors on a foraging expedition for natural decorations. They’ll get fresh air, exercise and a botany lesson all at once!

Keep it Fresh

You can put your arrangement in the refrigerator or other cool spot at night help it to last longer. If you’re like me, my refrigerator is pretty packed during the holidays so the cooler temperatures in the garage work just as great as a place for arrangements when they are not in use.

We’re Here to Help

Running out of time to DIY? Pick up a ready-made Whole Trade Bouquet for under $10 or have one of our talented florists create a unique, one-of-a kind arrangement especially for your holiday table. A centerpiece makes a great hostess gift, too!

How do you decorate your table? I’m thankful for any ideas you’d like to pass on. Happy Thanksgiving!