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TOMS' Newest One-for-One Venture

Blake Mycoskie is the Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, and the person behind the One for One® movement.

In the last seven years, we’ve seen the incredible impact our customers can have on communities around the world. TOMS started as a shoe company, but quickly grew into the One for One company with the addition of TOMS Eyewear, continuing to use business to change lives.

We’ve learned a lot through our Shoe and Sight Giving about what truly transforms communities in need — and it was important that the next One for One product support economic opportunity, as well as expand our impact on the places where TOMS already gives.

Through my Giving Trips with TOMS, I learned that many of the countries that we give shoes and sight in, produce some of the greatest coffee. I also learned that water is the largest resource used in coffee production, and that in many of the counties growing coffee there are huge populations of people without access to safe water.

That was the ‘aha moment’ for me, and TOMS Roasting Co. was born. Working in coffee seemed like a natural fit to continue our mission of using business to improve lives.

For every bag of coffee purchased, TOMS will provide a week of clean water to a person in need. One for One®. What is most amazing about TOMS Roasting Co. is that it gives our community the power to turn an ordinary daily ritual into an extraordinary daily giving opportunity.

TOMS Roasting Co. sources its beans in Rwanda, Honduras, Peru, Guatemala and Malawi — countries where the TOMS’ community can have a life-changing impact by providing clean water to communities in need. Today, 1.8 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion are without adequate sanitation facilities.

To address this need, we have partnered with Water For People for our inaugural Water Giving Partner to help provide water to the countries from which TOMS coffee beans are currently sourced. Water For People is an innovative organization helping communities to build and maintain long-term water systems. It is amazing to see these systems in place and the impact they are having on communities.


From the very beginning of the TOMS story, Whole Foods Market shoppers have been amazing supporters of our movement. We are excited that Whole Foods Market is making TOMS Roasting Co. coffee available at their stores across the US so that you’ll have an opportunity to try it. So, how do you take your coffee?

If you created your own one for one business, what would it be and why? We’d love to know. Tell us about it in the comments below.