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Touchdown! Family-Friendly Game-Day Favorites

Dan Marek is the School Programs Educator for Whole Kids Foundation®. Prior to joining their team he was a Whole Foods Market® healthy eating specialist where he educated his community about healthy food.

Getting ready for Sunday’s big football game can be tricky if you are trying to keep things healthy. Greasy snacks can weigh you down and make you sluggish by half time. But we have some solutions that will keep your energy going until the trophy is handed to the winner.

Hummus Veggie PizzasFinger Foods

Finger foods are a favorite that everyone can rally around and we’ve assembled some of our best recipes to get you and the kids inspired.

Creating personal pizzas can be a fun activity for kids and adults to assemble before the game and they can be customized to meet finicky palates. This recipe for Hummus Veggie Pizzas will fill you up and introduce the kids to cooking in a fun, healthy way.

Give these Baked Fries a try and mix up seasonings like curry powder, paprika or chili powder to get the game going (you can also sweeten the deal by switching from russet to sweet potatoes). After cutting the potatoes, have the kids mix the ingredients in a big bowl and lay them out on the parchment paper to gain extra yardage in the kitchen.

Although these Edamame Ginger Sliders might be a little more complicated, your little ones can assist by throwing all the ingredients into the food processor and forming the patties into football shapes.    

Edamame GuacamoleDips

Dips are always a crowd favorite. And with a food processor, they’re so simple to make, too. Here are a few of our favorites that can be made in the time it takes for a commercial break.

Pair them with pita bread cut into wedges and baked at 350 degrees F until crisp. Cut up red peppers, jicama, cucumbers and carrots are also great crunchy dippers.

Whatever team you’re rooting for, make sure to stay in the game with these simple, healthy recipes that will keep your family cheering.

What healthy snacks do your kids love?

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Janie Brown says …

Do you have party platters for 10-15 people?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@JANIE - Our catering options will differ between stores. You can typically find your local store's catering options at https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/online-ordering. If you do not see the options online, the store might have PDFs of their platters on their store site.

citizennnn says …

When the Cherry Hill Whole Foods came to us, I was delighted. However: aside from the fact that you do not have a "gluten free food section," I'd like to know why can I not look up food items on your website to see if you carry them? I tried to look up gluten-free cream of mushroom soup (must have for a recipe I frequently use and I'm cooking for 20 people) - all I got was 4 different CAKES. So I looked up soup. Nothing. Prepared soup. Again - nothing. Sure wish you could save me a trip for any one item, or at least show me where in the store to LOOK for an item!!! Other stores (who shall remain nameless, DO display the aisle on their website and price of a searched item). Whole Foods has a looong way to go to make me happy.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@CITIZENNNN - The store didn't have a dedicated gluten free area, so sorry to hear that as most of our locations do. My apologies you were not able to find products online. Since we are a decentralized company, our products differ between store locations making it more difficult for us to roll up the options in to an online-ordering system. We are definitely looking in to online options and how we can provide more info on our products. When we are ready to launch an online option, we will make sure to announce it!

gary clark says …

drummettes,wings,guacamole dip,IPA's,smoked mussels,etc

Karen Ranz says …

Dan, I'll be starting work on a collection of recipes for those living without full kitchens or even a basic complement of cooking appliances -- those homeless families and individuals sheltering in motel rooms over the winter and/or outdoors in the summer or simply living in sub-standard housing. Of course, these are not Whole Food's customer base; these are some of the most marginalized our society has to deal with, and too often we don't help in the right ways. Motels here do not permit small cooking appliances, access to an ice machine, nor more than a mini-fridge and microwave. What does Whole Foods have to suggest or offer in the way of support?