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Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt

By Winnie Hsia, January 12, 2013  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Winnie Hsia

Wallaby Organic Greek Nonfat YogurtAt Whole Foods Market®, we love sharing good food and drink. Whether it’s peak-of-the-season fruit, a team member creation from our bakery, or a new grocery discovery, we love celebrating great flavors and products. But we don’t just want to tell you about it; we want you to enjoy it too, which is why we’re giving it away!  Read on to find out how you could win some free stuff. UPDATE: Thank you to everyone that entered! Congratulations to our randomly chosen winner, Thu!

If you’re a yogurt aficionado, you’re no doubt familiar with Greek yogurt, known for its extra rich, creamy texture and its higher-than-standard protein content. Never tried Greek yogurt before?  Well, here’s your chance to win a case of organic Greek yogurt from Wallaby Organic.

Wallaby Organic Greek Lowfat and Nonfat Yogurts starts with premium ingredients handled with care and patience. Organic milk from pasture-based family farms is cooked and strained in small batches using a slow and gentle method that helps to develop the signature richness of Greek yogurt. You can taste the results!

Check out this video that shows Wallaby’s commitment to family farms and organic pasture-based dairies.

Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt comes in nonfat and lowfat varieties, as well as a selection of flavors including Lemon, Mixed Berries, Peach, Raspberry or Plain. If you’d like to try out this amazing product, you can download a coupon from the Wallaby Organic web site.

Looking to satisfy a deeper craving?  How does a full case of Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt sound?

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt? Tell us in the comments below by Tuesday, January 22nd and we’ll select a winner at random to receive 12 coupons that can be used to redeem free Wallaby Organic Greek Nonfat Yogurt Cups (5.3 or 6oz sizes).

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Promotion ends January 22, 2013, 11:59 PM CDT. Must be a legal resident of the US or Canada (except in Quebec, where it is void) age 18 or older to participate. Taxes on prize, if applicable, are the responsibility of the winner. Employees of Whole Foods Market, Inc., are not eligible. Void where prohibited.

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1 Comment


marlene says ...
I love greek yogurt with fresh blackberries, a touch of honey and a sprinkle of granola! Yum.....
01/12/2013 6:42:12 AM CST
Cara says ...
My favorite way to enjoy greek yogurt is right out of the container at breakfast!
01/12/2013 6:57:25 AM CST
Archena says ...
Love Wallaby yogurt - especially knowing that it is Greek and low fat Ian's still so creamy. I have a 3 year old who also loves these so much
01/12/2013 7:24:44 AM CST
Kathy G says ...
Although I usually make my own,when I purchase yogurt I usually choose the Greek variety. I usually eat it straight out of the carton!
01/12/2013 9:40:40 AM CST
Debbie Wilkinson says ...
Would love to try this yogurt Greek Yogurt is simply the best.
01/12/2013 9:46:09 AM CST
Taral says ...
I love to stir it up and eat it straight from the box
01/12/2013 9:48:25 AM CST
Pam Moroukian says ...
Plain or with cucumbers and crushed mint leaves.
01/12/2013 10:08:24 AM CST
Leslie Cloonan says ...
please enter me in contest
01/12/2013 10:22:10 AM CST
Amy Tong says ...
Awesome. I've always love Greek yogurt. Can't wait to create some wonderful and healthy dessert with it.
01/12/2013 10:29:56 AM CST
Nicole Grinstead says ...
My favorite way to eat Greek yogurt is to mix plain yogurt with honey and Kashi go lean crunch. I eat it almost every morning for breakfast.
01/12/2013 11:02:49 AM CST
Robin says ...
My favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt? Smoothies! This one in particular: Lowfat plain Wallaby Organic Greek yogurt, honey, blueberries, mango, banana, hemp protein powder, and flax.
01/12/2013 11:07:10 AM CST
Michelle says ...
I like Greek yogurt alone or with granola.
01/12/2013 11:17:17 AM CST
Rosie says ...
I adore Greek-style yogurt. One of my favorite ways I'm enjoying it right now is with apple syrup. I boiled down organic apple juice to a syrup and keep it handy in the refrigerator. It is sooo good esp on yogurt.
01/12/2013 11:46:29 AM CST
Kuoying Ngai says ...
Make some froyo and add nuts/fruits for toppings !
01/12/2013 12:37:32 PM CST
Kristin H. says ...
I use Greek yogurt in fruit smoothies!
01/12/2013 12:38:47 PM CST
evelyn ortega says ...
my favorite way to enjoy greek yogurt is straight from the cup.
01/12/2013 1:05:26 PM CST
Amanda says ...
Woo-hoo, a giveaway! I could use more of those on here. ;) My favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt is by adding honey, fresh fruit, and/or granola to make it more filling for me.
01/12/2013 2:38:59 PM CST
Meg Bressette says ...
My favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt is with homemade muesli, milk and fresh fruit. This starts the day off on a high note and the Greek yogurt is so creamy & satisfying. Meg
01/12/2013 3:11:52 PM CST
James McCormack says ...
I enjoy Greek Yogurt on top of a mixed greens salad with a squeeze of lime juice and some shredded coconut. Kind of Mediterranean meets Caribbean!
01/12/2013 4:13:19 PM CST
Renee says ...
I love eating greek yogurt with granola
01/12/2013 5:47:02 PM CST
william says ...
My favorite way to use wallaby greek yogurt is as a nightime antibacterial cleansing mask. I leave it on my face for several hour's sometimes adding tea tree oil and aloe to help calm and fight bacteria growth. I know this has to be a unique way you probably haven't heard of and I hope you will please pick Wallab's biggest fan.
01/12/2013 7:37:17 PM CST
Amy B says ...
I love this yogurt! It is delicious plain. I eat it with a spoon right out of the carton.
01/12/2013 9:28:54 PM CST
Crystal Gibbs says ...
My favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt is simple and natural... a little friut and granola....honey...hmmmm
01/12/2013 9:51:10 PM CST
Travis silberstorf says ...
my favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt is with honey nutritious nuts and organic fruit on the sideI love Greek yogurt because it's high in calcium for strong bones as I'm an athlete it has a good source of protein to build muscle and also that is nutritious to eat and to stay lean.
01/12/2013 10:47:56 PM CST
Anh says ...
My favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt is with homemade yogurt!
01/13/2013 12:01:29 AM CST