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We Love Local

From the beginning, Whole Foods Market® has supported local makers and growers—and they’ve supported us, too. We’ve kept that love alive by filling our aisles with the best that our local communities have to offer – even as we’ve grown.

Today about 25% of the produce sold at our stores comes from local farms, and 10-30% of the products in our aisles come from local producers depending on availability, store size and the needs of the community.

What’s “local”? Our stores across the nation define “local” one community at a time. For some, “local” means within the state, while for others it means within a certain mile radius, which may include a bordering state or two. Also, local ownership is just one part — we look for local manufacturing and/or use of local ingredients, too.

Local yokels. We’re proud to have local foragers, dedicated team members seeking out the best local products all over the map, so we can bring more great stuff to our customers and be a community resource for local growers and artisans.

Starting small with big dreams. Through our Local Producers Loan Program, we’ve committed $10 million in low-interest loans for local producers. These loans help small independent producers expand their businesses, a real win-win!

How can I sell my product at Whole Foods Market? We may be big, but our vendor partners don't have to be; some partners sell to hundreds of stores while others only sell to one. Interested? Here are the steps:

  1. Find out if we’re the right retailer partner for your product by reviewing our Quality Standards.  
  2. We buy products by store and region – it doesn’t all have to go through our headquarters! If your product meets our Quality Standards, contact your local regional office.
  3. The regional office will direct you to the local forager or regional buyer for your next steps. Every region has a different review process.

Local matters. In your closest Whole Foods Market, you’ll discover the best of your local community. Buy local to:
  • Support local farmers and food artisans, and their families
  • Strengthen local economies
  • Connect to the seasons, regional varieties and the people who grow your food
  • Reduce the environmental impact of transporting goods to market

What’s your favorite local product at your Whole Foods Market store?