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This Week on pivot: Dark Rye’s Emerge Episode

Dark Rye is an online magazine from Whole Foods Market that explores the realms of food, health, sustainability, design, technology and social enterprise. Get fresh insight from our mixtape of stories, recipes, creative projects and people — pioneers of unconventional who explore the edges of a creative life.

This week’s Dark Rye episode on pivot emerges from befuddlement! Which is how all the most fantastic things begin. We wonder, we scratch our chins, we wish things could be more interesting, more green, more clever. And the brave ones among us? They go ahead and do it.

This week, Dark Rye grabs a hammer with an industrial designer inspired by gnarled wood, steel, and Batman. Then we dig in the dirt with New York’s urban gardening guru, and take a spin on the motorized bike of the future. See it Wednesday March 12, on pivot network at 11:30 PM ET/ 8:30 PM PT. Find pivot in your area: getpivot.tv. 


Tonight, host Kirk Lombard lines up three get-up-and-do-it-yourselfers who make wildly cool stuff emerge from the rubble of dreaming:

Object + User: Industrial designer Chris Stuart makes everyday stuff in an extraordinary way, incorporating everything from gnarled wood to cold steel to Batman. He draws from theories of furniture design, his years in art school, and the pedigree of his mother’s oil painting, his father’s photography, and his grandfather’s smoking pipes.

Wilder Quarterly: Hold a copy of Wilder in your hands and you can almost smell the dirt. This isn’t your garden-variety dentist’s waiting-room magazine. “Starting a magazine was one of the biggest risks of my life, and it was the best thing I ever did,” says Celestine Maddy. We're glad she did. Look at the world through the lens of green and growing — and peek at the riches of New York City’s hidden backyards.

The Faraday Effect: Adam Vollmer, founder and creator of Faraday Bicycles, adds a modern twist to our beloved spokes—an electric motor. “If electric bikes are done right,” Vollmer says, “You hop on, you ride, and the sensation of riding feels fantastic. You come back with an enormous smile on your face.”

All three of these doers had jobs making things for other people, to their specifications, in a way that they’d like, so they could sell more. Until one day, they didn’t. “I decided to take a leap and pursue something new,” says Stuart. Which is how all great adventures begin.

Start something with us Wednesday night on pivot network.

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Wiss Slator says …

I may be late to the party, but I just discovered Dark Rye. What an amazing series - fascinating people and topics that can feed the soul (and the body) and inspire us to give life to our own creative passions. If you aren't watching Dark Rye, you are missing out. Thanks to Whole Foods and the Pivot network for sharing this series.

Lee Q Blacledge says …

I just found Dark Rye and I just loved it. I am trying to down load all the magazines, but I just have the last 5. It is beautifully done the stores are so heart felt.. Amazing. Thank you so much. I live in Augusta Ga. And you are building a Whole Foods about 3 miles from my home. I have been waiting for this day since my first time in your store in San Fransico, I think back it was 2003 or 4..I just love everything you stand for from your products to the way your company is run to the way how you treat the employees. Thanks so much Lee Quillin Blackledge..

susan says …

sometime this year I had received a dark ry e-zine. I looking for info about organic grain farms in Massachuetts,. as I vacation there in berkshire area I wanted to try and visit one or more of these farms or where there grains are sent to local businesses. Please help me thank you