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What's New in July

My three-year-old is a very picky eater. If she had her way, she’d eat the same things every day. Yogurt. Bread. Grapes. And pink ice cream. I continually encourage her to try new things explaining that she’ll probably like them, and she usually does. Then those become her new favorites.

Every month at Whole Foods Market®, we’re pleased to add many new products to our shelves that have passed the testing and tasting and met our strict Quality Standards, meaning they’re free of hydrogenated fats and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors. Of those, we choose a handful to call to your attention.

Here are some new products that we think you'll enjoy in July. Go on. Try ‘em. You’ll probably like ‘em.

Good Belly Carrot Ginger Probiotic Juice Drink

Thirsty for something more? Pour a refreshing glass of non-dairy, vegan carrot juice enhanced with a spicy kick of ginger and probiotics to support digestive health.

Traders Point Creamery Organic Yogurt

This rich, creamy, pourable yogurt is made in small batches with the simplest of ingredients: milk from grass-fed cows, live active cultures, real fruit purées and lightly sweetened with cane juice. Choo

se from Plain, Lowfat Vanilla, Raspberry, Wildberry and Banana Mango flavors.

Wallaby Organic Organic Lowfat Kefir

You’ve probably heard about kefir; now try it. This smooth, creamy and mild kefir is made with organic milk from family farms. It contains 12 live and active cultures. Try Plain, Vanilla, Strawberry or Blueberry flavors.

Good Boy Organics Yellow Barn Biodynamic Pasta Sauces

Good Boy Organics sauces are made with ingredients from Demeter-certified biodynamic farms, which go the extra mile to maintain diverse ecosystems and soil fertility.

Good Boy Organics Tomato Purée or Concentrate

Good Boy Organics purees and concentrates are made with fresh, ripe tomatoes grown on Demeter-certified biodynamic farms.

DeLallo Biodynamic Whole Wheat Pasta

Pasta lovers rejoice! This Italian pasta is carefully crafted and extruded with bronze plates to give it a coarse, sauce-hugging surface. Slow drying at low temperatures also helps to retain nutrients and a fresh-bread flavor.

Michael Angelo’s Organic Kamut Pasta

What’s going to be your new favorite? Ancient grains! Pair your favorite pasta sauces with tender, slightly nutty-tasting noodles made with KAMUT® khorasan wheat, which you guessed right, is an ancient grain. Each serving delivers 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber.

Fruitables Whole Jerky Dog Treats Grilled Bison Strips

Treat your best furry friend to thick-cut, savory treats with a meaty aroma and taste. They’re made from premium bison raised in the US with no added nitrates or fillers. As if Fido wasn’t already loyal!

If You Care Natural Laundry Detergent

This ultra-concentrated laundry detergent is ultra gentle on clothes and the planet because a little goes a long way and there’s less packaging waste. Hurrah! It also earns a green Eco-Scale™ rating! Made without phosphates, chlorine or petroleum products, you’ll find it in Free & Clear or Fresh Lavender scent.


f You Care Automatic Dishwasher Tablets

Each convenient, little tablet contains a super-concentrated mineral-and-plant formula with no phosphates or chlorine. It’s also biodegradable and packaged in a recycled-fiber box, so you get sparkling clean dishes and help keep the planet clean too.

If You Care Natural Dish Liquid

Wash away your worries with this dish soap. Its powerful plant-based formula is tough on grease, yet gentle on hands and the planet. It contains no phosphates or chlorine and is super concentrated so a little goes a long way. It’s available in Free & Clear or Fresh Lavender scent.

Which of these new products will you bring home? What have you tried lately that you’re loving? Let me know in the comments below.