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Living in San Francisco, I’m reminded every day how much convenience takes precedence over so much in this fast-paced world. I can call a Sidecar on my iPhone for a quick ride to work, and, on my way there, buy a case of water and some popcorn via Google Shopping Express that will be at my door when I arrive home just in time to catch my favorite show that dropped on Netflix last night — without commercials!

Convenience is a great concept, no doubt, but when it comes to fast food, quality is often the first thing to go (pun intended). At Whole Foods Market, our first core value is to sell the highest quality natural and organic products available, and that includes our very convenient, made-in-house prepared foods. They’re prepared with ingredients that meet our strict quality standards — that means no hydrogenated oils and no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

You’ll often see organic or locally sourced ingredients on the menu. And there are many deliciously healthy options available too. Just look for the Health Starts Here® logo for meals that celebrate naturally flavorful whole foods with no extracted oils or refined sweeteners.

Every Whole Foods Market is different so depending on the store, our prepared foods departments can include a deli, restaurant, salad bar, sandwich station, burger stand, pizza joint, BBQ shack, sushi venue, raw foods bar, taco bar, beer pub and wine bar.

Here are a few of my top reasons to skip the drive-thru and head to Whole Foods Market.

The Pizza: I’ve now called three different Whole Foods Market stores my “home store” across the country, and each one had some of the best pizza in town. It tastes great — and I know those toppings aren’t processed with any bogus ingredients. The Campbell, California store even has a team member on the United States Pizza Team!

The Sandwiches: It’s pretty tough to screw up a sandwich, right? Wrong! There are few I trust to wow me with the perfect balance of flavor and texture between two slices of bread. The team members behind the counter at Whole Foods Market never disappoint. Plus, stores in Northern California, along with a few other locations around the country, are now offering online ordering via Square Order so you can skip the checkout lines altogether!

The Chef’s Case: Seriously, have you ever walked past this section in the store and not started drooling immediately? Turkey meatloaf, twice-baked potatoes, California Quinoa Salad — it all looks like it came out of the latest issue of Saveur magazine. If I ever need to impress a dinner guest and I’m pressed for time, this is my go-to.

Whatever I want, I know I can go to any Whole Foods Market for a quick and easy meal made with food that is fresh, flavorful, and overall awesome.

Next time you’re in a rush or just don’t feel like cooking, remember that Whole Foods Market’s prepared foods are convenient without compromising on the quality you deserve.

What are your go-to prepared foods at Whole Foods Market?