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14 Things To Always Buy at Whole Foods Market

Choices count towards your physical and fiscal health, so we're here to help you navigate our aisles so you can find the best quality for the best price.

Ever wonder which items are always worth buying at a Whole Foods Market® store? We think everything is of course, but here’s our short list, including tips on how to save:

Beef. We require Global Animal Partnership 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Ratings, prohibit added hormones and demand no antibiotics, ever! Our butchers know the best deals and will wrap just the amount you need for recipes and sensible, affordable portions.

Look for value packs and lesser-known cuts.

Salmon. All of our wild-caught salmon is from certified sustainable fisheries or ranks high on third-party assessment rankings. Our farm-raised salmon has been third-party verified as Responsibly Farmed. We cut to order and offer great prices on frozen salmon year-round.

Eggs. Every whole egg we sell is cage-free, and you don't have to scramble all over town to find a good deal on eggs of this caliber. Our 365 Everyday Value® eggs are always competitively priced!

Shampoo & Conditioner. We’ve got high standards for all of those we offer and we’ve got even higher standards for our Premium Body Care® products. Our 365 Everyday Value® hair care products proudly wear the Premium seal so you get great prices on the highest quality every day.

Greens. We source as much organic and local produce as possible. Bunched greens and lettuces are a good bet for your budget and your health. We offer a wide variety; try what’s on sale!

Crackers. Our selection of crackers is the best in town if you’re looking for whole grain, organic, gluten free or gourmet. They’re often on sale and/or have coupons (clip or print them from The Whole Deal value guide). Ask about case discounts and check out our 30+ varieties of 365 Everyday Value® crackers, too.

Coffee & Chocolate. High quality and responsible choices are what set us apart for these. We don’t allow any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives; and you’ll see organic, Whole Trade® Guarantee and other environmental and social benefits on more beans and bars in our stores than at any other grocer. A few are always on sale and look for 365 Everyday Value®.

Yogurt & Cheese. All of our 365 Everyday Value® yogurts and cheeses, organic or not, are made from the milk of cows never given artificial growth hormones (rBGH/rBST). This is true for many of the other brands we offer, too. None contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives; and sales and coupons abound!

Bulk grains. Buying from bulk bins lets you get just the amount you need without paying for excess packaging (and its shipping). We sell a lot of bulk foods, so you can trust they’ve not been sitting and going stale, and where else can you find so many whole-grain and organic choices?

Dinner & Dessert. It’s not easy to find a meal without wondering what went into it. From indulgent to healthy, our prepared foods and bakery goods follow the same strict Quality Standards as the rest of the foods in our store, including no artificial ingredients and no hydrogenated fats. Make wise selections in smart portions and compare the whole package to eating out at a restaurant.

Gift Cards. Giving gift cards gives them just what they want — practical groceries or something special — no waste!

Wine. We’ve got some real steals! Have you discovered our chuck-bucking Three Wishes in light-weight glass bottles yet? And check out the Sure Deals in The Whole Deal.

Cleaners. Our Eco-Scale™ Rating System lets you choose how “green” you wanna go, balancing value with values.

Flowers. We’ve got more choices for Whole Trade® flowers than you can shake a long-stem rose at. Keep your eyes open; flowers go on sale, too.

Don't forget, no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners or hydrogenated fats are allowed in our stores, so you can always shop with peace of mind no matter what’s in your basket. Plus, with the current issue of The Whole Deal value guide in hand, you'll have $46+ in coupons, more than a dozen Sure Deals, 9 new budget recipes and a dinner planner making it easier to buy what you want and save.

Your turn! What's on your list of must-buys at our stores and why?