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Adventures in Brewing: Bass, Fischer and Full Sail

By Allison Burch, March 17, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Allison Burch
I don’t know about where you are, but here in Austin, Texas it’s decidedly beer-drinking weather. In my opinion, it’s hard to beat sitting somewhere outside in the warm sun, with a crisp breeze and a cold beer. Lucky for me, my husband and many of our friends are beer aficionados, so I can enjoy my beer in good company. What I’ve discovered is that taste in beer, much like wine, develops with exposure to new and interesting flavors. A beer that was too hoppy to me a year ago is now a go-to favorite. Also like wine, the more you learn about a brewery, their history and techniques, the more you appreciate the craft of beer making. So, it pays to be adventurous and try something new in brews! If you have a hard time stepping away from your tried and true brew or if you’re overwhelmed by the options facing you at the beer cooler, here are some picks of the month from Geof and Doug, our Wine and Beer Guys: Bass Pale Ale The adventure began in 1777, nearly 100 years before the Bass brewery's red triangle logo became England's first registered trademark. The respected ale went on to inspire Napoleon Bonaparte and Edgar Allan Poe, and 500 cases were loaded aboard the Titanic. Still brewed with the original William Bass recipe, Bass Pale Ale uses two strains of yeast for a full and complex, nutty, malty taste with subtle hop undertones. Fischer Amber Ale The adventure began in 1821 in Schiltigheim near Strasbourg, France. Brewed in the Alsace region, which borders Germany, Fischer Amber is a melding of the French passion for gastronomic delights and the traditional brewing techniques of Germany. Slightly roasted malt gives this brew a light amber hue. It has a delicate fruity aroma and rich flavor that balances the malt and hops. Full Sail Session Premium Lager and Session Black Lager The adventure began in 1987 when this employee-owned, independent brewery was founded in Hood River, Oregon. The folks at Full Sail pour their passion into producing award-winning beer, and they’re always brewing up ideas to keep their business as eco-friendly as possible—such as recycling everything from glass to stretch wrap to pallets and cooking oil, and giving spent grain and yeast to local dairy farmers for feed. Crisp, smooth Session Lager is an easy-drinking beer that’s full of character, with subtle hops, delicate malt and a refreshing finish. Pair it with salads, briny shellfish or grilled seafood. Session Black Lager is a dark beer with a rich color and chocolaty-nutty flavor, but without the heaviness. Pair it with grilled foods, herbs and desserts. So go ahead and be adventurous with your beer, try something you’ve never had before and share it with friends. You might just discover a new favorite. At the very least, you’ll enjoy a beer in good company, and what can beat that? What’s your favorite beer to share with friends?
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Stephanie says ...
I'm all about Sierra Nevada's beers! Their Pale Ale is a classic.
03/17/2011 9:41:11 PM CDT
Emily W. says ...
A crisp German Kolsch is on my mind when the weather becomes warm. Gaffel is a good one, so is Sunner.
03/18/2011 12:13:03 PM CDT
Mark says ...
Brooklyn #1. Williamsburg brewery. It is a fantastic fantastic brew.
03/24/2011 2:29:40 PM CDT
william mckinley says ...
chelatas or sam adams pale ale are the best way to kick off a summer weekend in az
03/25/2011 8:43:50 AM CDT
Kyle says ...
Black Sheep Ale, which I have not seen in the beer cooler at Wholefoods Austin in quite some time. Hint, hint.
03/26/2011 10:25:26 AM CDT
Keith says ...
I brew the beer I drink here in PA. Other than that, I 2nd the Kolsch but it's hard to find a true Kolsch from Germany.
03/26/2011 1:43:07 PM CDT
Jess says ...
Pranqster (North Coast) is my favorite. A great daytime beer is Dogfish Namaste- lemongrass, orange peels and corriander.
03/26/2011 11:11:36 PM CDT
tony says ...
My taste for beers change often but as long as it's cold on a warm day I'm good. (At least micro brewed prefered) Is there a beer you would recommend with breakfast? For us early starters......
03/27/2011 7:46:50 PM CDT
Beer Brew Erika says ...
Great post! One of my favorite brews to share is Dogfish's Double IPA. I must admit, I am partial to IPAs and their wonderful hop profiles.
03/29/2011 9:11:15 PM CDT
Stephanie Jones says ...
I always miss having a Koelsch in spring to, however New Holland Brewery in Holland, MI sells a Koelsch style, which is pretty close.
04/06/2011 8:21:35 PM CDT