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Choosing The Fork Over the Knife

By Monica Cravotta, April 23, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Monica Cravotta
The knife referred to in the ground-breaking film Forks Over Knives cuts in two ways. The movie argues that when we choose to remove or greatly reduce the amount of food we consume that requires knives to eat (like meat) and reconfigure our plates to be plant-strong, we can avoid going under the knife for things like by-pass surgery. Dr. Oz, who will feature the makers and key contributors to Forks Over Knives on his April 27th show, touts the film’s message that we can avoid heart disease, cancer and Type II diabetes simply by changing what we eat as “the Hail-Mary of medicine.” The movie features Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., M.D., author of Reversing Heart Disease and member of the Whole Foods Market scientific medical advisory board and T. Colin Campbell, PhD, author of The China Study. Healthy Eating partner Rip Esselstyn, founder and author of the Engine 2 Diet, makes an appearance as well, and asserts why real men eat plants. This film is a powerful companion to Whole Foods Market’s Health Starts Here education programs and supports our Engine 2 message of eating plant-strong™. Whole Foods Market and Engine 2 teamed up to host several advanced “sneak peak” screening events of Forks Over Knives around the country over the last nine months. The movie officially opens in select U.S. theaters throughout the month of May, giving us the opportunity to sponsor a series of special premiere screening events.
These events include receptions where you’ll have the opportunity to taste delicious plant-strong, no-oil-added foods prepared by Whole Foods Market chefs. You’ll also be able to engage in panel discussions following the film with Rip and others. Please check with your local Whole Foods Market store in each of the cities listed below for more information on how to purchase tickets or reserve your seat. April 26 New York City, NY, Sunshine Theater, 143 East Houston Street May 3 San Jose, CA, Camera 7 Theatre, 1875 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell, CA 95008 - Purchase tickets online ($8) http://forksoverknivesnorcal.eventbrite.com/ May 4 Seattle, WA, Landmark Metro, 4500 9th Avenue, Seattle, WA - Please email FOKSeattle@wholefoods.com to request tickets ($10) and get additional info May 5 Phoenix, AZ, Camelview 5, 7001 E. Highland Ave., Scottsdale - Please RSVP to AZSpecialEvent@wholefoods.com to reserve seat: FREE! May 10 Chicago, IL, Webster Place 11 Regal, 1471 W. Webster Ave. May 11 Washington DC, AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring Maryland, May 16 San Diego, CA, La Jolla Village theater, 8879 Villa La Jolla Drive, La Jolla, CA May 18 Minneapolis, MN, Lagoon Cinema, 1320 Lagoon Ave May 19 Philadelphia, PA, AMC Plymouth Meeting 494 W Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA - Purchase tickets online ($10 movie, $10 dinner, $15 both) http://forksoverknivesphilly.eventbrite.com/ If you’ve seen Forks Over Knives, did it inspire you to put down your knife?
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Debra Broughman says ...
Will this movie eventually be released near Richmond VA?? My husband and I have been waiting anxiously for the release of this movie. We are strong believers in this research, and have the greatest respect for both Doctors!!!!! Please tell us we will have the opportunity to see this long awaited movie. We have encouraged a lot of people to see it when it comes out... :) Thank you so much.... Debra Broughman
04/27/2011 5:26:28 AM CDT
Nancy Stein says ...
for those of us who can't seem to get Forks Over Knives playing in their cities buy the DVD "Eating" which is also equally good and many of these doctors are also on this DVD promoting a plant based diet for health. Excellent DVD and will hold you over until Forks Over Knives comes to our city if ever. We may have to wait until its out on netflx or DVD. Again Watch "Eating" you won't be disappointed!
05/21/2011 6:53:52 AM CDT
Amy M says ...
I saw this film at the Portland, Oregon showing and it really opened my eyes about how food is medicine and can make such a difference to your health and how it helps to fight disease. The stories from the cancer survivors are amazing! I'm certainly going to move towards a more vegan diet - as long as I can still have bacon every so often!
04/27/2011 5:54:59 PM CDT
chloe says ...
When will ''fork over knives'' be featured in Kensington London ? Another Question, Cant you please organise a slimming club in Kensington London. It would be a perfect combo of healthy foods Look forward to your reply Chloe
04/30/2011 12:46:54 PM CDT
foodchem says ...
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05/10/2011 10:30:29 PM CDT
Nikol says ...
I went to the DC opening in Silver Spring last night and it has changed my life! I will be taking my boyfriend to see it when it opens in theaters locally. I love that the film featured a Plant Strong MMA fighter, arguably the toughest sport in the world, to reinforce the message that being Plant Strong does not mean being weak. I love the diversity that the film displayed showing that you don’t have to be a nature loving hippie to embrace this lifestyle (NOTE: nothing wrong with nature loving hippies =)). As an African-American it can sometimes be challenging when one choses not to eat pork or to limit the amount of meat consumed. Choosing not to eat at smorgasbords or not wanting to eat Pork BBQ earns one the labels of "high maintenance"; "uppity" and "trying to be white" among others. Being choosy about what one eats is not seen as a positive thing and the correlation between diet and health is ignored. Showing African-Americans, Chinese and Caucasions really expands the message to everyone that Plant Strong diets are not about race, ethinicity or culture but instead about living a long & prosperous life. I can’t wait to buy this movie and to see it again. I am soo grateful to Whole Foods for sponsoring the premiere and this film and promoting it so abundantly. FORKS OVER KNIVES! Thank you!
05/12/2011 11:50:07 AM CDT
Nancy Stein says ...
please please Forks Over Knives Orlando fl!!!!
05/19/2011 1:45:08 PM CDT
Mercy Roberts says ...
Hi there. Is there a DVD i can buy as i live in Australia and have just heard about this. Kind Regards..Mercy Roberts
07/12/2011 8:54:25 PM CDT
Bobby Hawley says ...
@Mercy Roberts: Here is the url for “Forks and Knives” http://www.forksoverknives.com/, they have DVDs and books on sale there.
07/13/2011 5:07:54 PM CDT
MickieMin says ...
Shouldn't people check that they are not anaemic before they throw out the meat and only eat vegetables? Do your doctrines include caveats like that?
01/29/2013 11:59:11 AM CST
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@MICKIEMIN - Absolutely! We highly encourage each person to consult with their health care professional before introducing any new eating routines to their diet.
01/30/2013 2:15:39 PM CST
Trevor says ...
This is shocking. I believe everyone should see this. Changing my diet
03/18/2013 1:54:34 PM CDT