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Cooking With Almond Butter

By Alana Sugar, February 20, 2012  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Alana Sugar

I remember a time when there was no such thing as “nut butter.”

There was peanut butter, smooth or crunchy, and it was not very natural at all. It was full of sugar and hydrogenated oil and no one knew any different. As “health foods” gained popularity, companies began producing natural peanut butter made simply from peanuts and maybe a little salt.

A far better option than the hydrogenated fare! As time passed, peanut allergies grew more common and the health benefits of nuts became better known. Nuts and seeds — especially almonds —became the new “peanut butter.”

It’s quite common these days to see almond butter stocked in even the most remote of conventional grocery stores, making it easy to pass on the peanut butter.

Almond butter is a thick, rich, delicious alternative that stands perfectly well on its own. You can buy it roasted, salted, crunchy, smooth, salt-free, raw and sprouted.

What a variety! It can be used in any recipe that calls for peanut butter and is wonderful across the board from sweet favorites to savory sauces.

It’s a culinary fact that almond butter makes a healthy, tasty addition to breakfast, snacks, meals, sauces, baked goods, dips and desserts.

If you’ve never tried almond butter or have only had it on bread, you’re in for a real treat!

For something new and different, try almond butter in place of peanut butter in these recipes:

For you peanut lovers with no peanut problems, I say enjoy your (natural, non-hydrogenated) peanut butter, but why not add some almond butter to the mix? You can even combine the two for a delicious, hearty spread.

Have you tried almond butter? Got a favorite snack or recipe? I’d love to know!

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Laura Williams says ...
I love raw, unsalted almond butter! I take 2T of almond butter, a little bit of honey, and a ripe banana mixed together and spread on hearty whole grain bread or toast! Delish!!
02/20/2012 9:50:11 AM CST
Van says ...
I don't have any issues with peanuts but to me, (crunchy) almond butter just tastes better than pb.
02/20/2012 9:51:49 AM CST
Michele says ...
Flourless fudge brownies made with Almond Butter! YUM! Delicious and Paleo friendly!
02/20/2012 9:59:11 AM CST
Deanna Christian says ...
I have a severe peanut allergy and have used almond butter for everything from breakfast toast to Pad Thai (sp?). Thank you so much for the recipes. Does anyone know how to make a chocolate/almond candy (I miss the peanut butter cups).
02/20/2012 10:06:38 AM CST
Michele says ...
Almond Butter Blondies (recipe from Elana's Pantry) are toffee-licious! I've also adapted them to a gingerbread variety by adding spices and using white chocolate instead of dark.
02/20/2012 10:07:25 AM CST
Karen says ...
Almond butter stuffed into a Medjool date is heavenly.
02/20/2012 10:36:37 AM CST
Jody says ...
I eat almond butter with everything! Since I was little my family has been making something called "Tahini and honey balls". We mix oats, honey and tahini together (no specific amount, just until it's the right consistency to roll in to balls and not too sweet). It's delicious. And my favourite snack is sliced grannysmith apples dipped in almond butter. Usually I mix a bit of maple syrup with the almond butter to make it sweeter. Soooo good.
02/20/2012 10:55:10 AM CST
Jody says ...
Oh, and also, I almost never eat pancakes without almond butter on them. I add maple syrup, jam or honey too.
02/20/2012 10:57:36 AM CST
Susie Bee on Maui says ...
I was never a fan of peanut butter growing up but fell in love with almond butter as an adult. I created a great pie with almond butter for a Whole Foods contest (which, humbly I report I won!)
02/20/2012 11:25:04 AM CST
Z.Grimm says ...
I tried almond butter for the first time recently (it was actually almond maple butter, so a bit sweeter than just regular almond butter I suppose). It was a trial package, and I used it on a pear I had. It was supremely delicious, and I fully intend to go back to the store to buy a full jar!
02/22/2012 7:06:43 PM CST
Ejacobson says ...
These all sound great, but our Whole Foods in New Mexico haven't had the fresh ground Almond Butter in at least a month! Miss it!
02/22/2012 7:47:05 PM CST
claire says ...
I love almond butter my favourite sandwich is a Maranatha almond butter and Crofter's Strawberry jam sandwich.
02/24/2012 4:09:52 PM CST
Bonni says ...
For vegans, 3 Tablespoons of almond butter can replace one egg in any recipe for cookies, cakes, or other baked goods.
02/26/2012 9:02:14 AM CST
alpana says ...
Yesterday I made almond Flour & sesame seed cookies with almond butter. Yummmoooooooooo
02/27/2012 10:51:03 AM CST
Carol says ...
Dr. Oz recently recommended 2 TB of almond butter before bedtime to maintain steady blood sugar overnight. Wake feeling better rested the next day.
02/29/2012 1:47:25 PM CST
Amita says ...
iLife almond butter. I usually have it with whole wheat bread & any fruit jam it's yummy!!!!!!!!
03/05/2012 12:36:27 PM CST
Jill P. says ...
I eat almond butter on one slice of sprouted grain bread almost every day. However, it's so runny and messy. What can I mix it with to make it thicker and still remain nutritious?
07/25/2012 1:55:21 PM CDT
Dolly says ...
Can we have more vegetarian recipes please? Thank you so much for sharing healthy recipes.
01/17/2014 2:04:53 PM CST
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@DOLLY - You can always run an advanced search on our recipe site and find vegetarian friendly recipes. http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes
01/20/2014 2:08:46 PM CST
Rachel says ...
I love WF fresh ground almond butter! What oil is added to the almonds as it is being ground? Thanks, Rachell
05/09/2014 11:46:15 AM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@RACHEL - Typically it should just be the almonds that are ground for the grind your own butter. You can see on the ingredient list if any oil is added. If you notice oil in the container after you grind it, it can be due to naturally occurring oil in the almonds.
05/09/2014 2:35:00 PM CDT
Tonya says ...
Cooking with Almond Butter
06/16/2014 10:37:49 PM CDT
Robin says ...
How about some recipes for no or low carb folks? We love almond butter (and sunbutter from sunflowers) and just eat a spoonful now and again but it's hard to find things to do with it that don't include carbs. Any ideas? Perhaps salad dressings?
02/21/2015 8:02:06 PM CST
Sherrie Graber-Cole says ...
Almond butter
08/20/2015 10:44:12 AM CDT